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How to make a backup on Android

Today our smartphone is practically more important than our desktop PC. That is why it is essential that before a possible breakdown or theft we have a backup copy of the photos, files, contacts and even messages that we store on our Android phone. We share some tips to make a backup on Android.

games like the sims
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The best games like the sims

The Sims is a game of the best known for the PC platform, the game began many years ago. As a PC game where the goal was to build a home for a family. And do everything possible to make each member of the family happy, They had their needs complete and stayed healthy. However, […]

Dual Monitor Tools
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Configure and manage two monitors on the same computer with Dual Monitor Tools

There are many users who either to increase their productivity, for gaming or for other necessities, they use two monitors connected to their computer. A configuration that allows us a better separation of contents and with which Windows 10 shows great compatibility. We may sometimes find that Windows 10 does not offer us the configuration […]