Huawei MateBook X, a fantastic ultra portable contagious by USB-C fever

Huawei MateBook X

It smells like a MacBook, it looks like a MacBook, but it’s not a MacBook. The Huawei MateBook X is a team that is developed in the image and likeness of the Apple team, but it differs from it in two very important things.

The first, which is based on Windows, something that makes us have an obvious alternative if we like that ultra-thin and ultra-light format. The second, even more important, is that this is like a MacBook except for the other thing: it’s pretty much done better. Continue reading “Huawei MateBook X, a fantastic ultra portable contagious by USB-C fever”

Solid State Batteries: What are they and what advantages do they have over lithium?

Solid State Batteries

Both Samsung and LG have spoken, although not all the comments arrive officially but glide to the press with delicacy. The key is that both have stated the same thing at different times, as part of an uncoordinated movement that confirms that solid-state batteries are just over two years away from the market and change the whole picture today.

They will change it because right now the dominance of lithium ion batteries is only jeopardized by the arrival of those of lithium polymers, but in the end it is the same technology. With the solid ones shortly after its debut touches several questions, what are these batteries? And above all, what are they going to improve the current market for batteries for mobile phones? Let’s see. Continue reading “Solid State Batteries: What are they and what advantages do they have over lithium?”

All you need to know about creating a website with CMS


Do you want to create your own website? Thanks to the Content Management System (CMS) and the good will to learn and understand how it works, you will be able to make exciting projects like a fantastic blog that tells of your passions, an e-commerce that lets you start your first business online or maybe you already have an activity and want to get in touch with new customers by avoiding further weighting on the bank account. All the good reasons to commit yourself to making your first website! Continue reading “All you need to know about creating a website with CMS”

Increase the reception of the WiFi signal

WiFi signal

In today’s apartments it is important that WiFi signal reaches every corner of the home not only to keep the smartphone connected even if it is moved from one side to the other, but especially to keep several network devices such as TV, IP camera or other “smart” devices.

Depending on the layout of an environment, how the building and furnishings are built, the signal may be more or less weak or absent if the router is distant or if there are interferences.  Continue reading “Increase the reception of the WiFi signal”

Insta360 Nano, Camera 360 for iPhone

Insta360 Nano

Insta360 Nano, a 360 camera for iPhone that easily connects to the Apple smartphone. This device allows you to take photos and videos 360 degrees , with a complete and truly impressive perspective. This is a small, compact room, equipped with an internal battery and two fisheye lenses of 210° each, which connects to the iPhone via a Lightning connector. Continue reading “Insta360 Nano, Camera 360 for iPhone”

How to Increase the Speed ​​of Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a very popular browser, often preferred by Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and other alternative browsers. In its effectiveness, however, Chrome faces some problems, mainly linked to excessive memory consumption. Google’s browser uses a lot of memory to work perfectly. With the passing of time this can be a problem, slowing down program and navigation performance considerably.

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve Google Chrome performance. You can set the amount of memory that Google Chrome will use, or deactivate some of the functions that the program uses. This Guide to Technology Passion shows you the key solutions to speed up Chrome. Continue reading “How to Increase the Speed ​​of Google Chrome”

How to retrieve encrypted files on Google Drive from Ransomware


One of the most current and widespread information threats is called Ransomware. We are talking about a dangerous malware that damages the files on your computer, making encryption of the original content. The end result of this infection is that you can no longer use documents, images and videos stored on your computer. If we installed and use Google Drive software on the virus-infected computer, most likely the data in the Cloud will be corrupted. Continue reading “How to retrieve encrypted files on Google Drive from Ransomware”

How to Save and Optimize Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphone Battery Saving

The smartphone manufacturers have realized that one of the fundamental elements of mobile phones is the battery. The technological innovation of modern smartphones entails a tremendous energy expenditure. A modern smartphone, equipped with quality camera, bright display in high definition, biometric sensors and so on, requires a lot of energy to be able to cover at least one day of intensive use. For this reason, the top smart gaming smartphones come with batteries of at least 3000 mAh and some models already outperform the 4000 mAh. However, the software, apps, and hardware of the device may affect it battery life, requiring frequent recharges over a single day. Continue reading “How to Save and Optimize Your Smartphone Battery”

Ten tips to open an online store and sell happy

online store

Among the great opportunities offered by the Internet is to  open an online store where you can  sell products for a pool of customers on a national or worldwide scale. However, as in reality, even on the internet there are basic rules to succeed, to attract customers and to make money. We have identified a dozen, the result of our direct experience alongside that of other professional sellers. Continue reading “Ten tips to open an online store and sell happy”

Google Images: How to Make the Most of It!

Google Images

Google is the search engine most used to look for and find everything that interests us; therefore  Google Images is probably the most used tool for search images precisely, on Google. Images of any website – if indexed – are shown to us according to  the keyword used, and doing a search is really very simple.

But is Google Images Only This? Is it just a simple tool, as it may seem from a first point of view? But above all: can Google Images images be stolen so, without any problem? Continue reading “Google Images: How to Make the Most of It!”