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Why Your Business Needs VoIP

With Britain’s telecom providers committed to phasing out old-style landlines, ISDN and telephone exchanges by 2025, you can be sure of a last-minute rush to get on the VoIP bandwagon. It’s better for businesses to commit themselves in good time. Here are eight other reasons for biting the bullet sooner rather than later. Image Credit […]

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Which One Should You Look For? Mouse/Keyboard or Console- Let’s Look At the Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the difficult choices that would be gamers’ face before they start their gaming adventure is choosing whether to opt for console controllers or using the keyboard and mouse as controllers. While this is a problem mostly faced by beginners, there are also some professional gamers who face the same problem. Below, we try […]

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What is Backwards Compatibility?

Backwards compatibility, also known as backward-compatible or backwards compatible, refers to a system used by hardware or software of a gaming device, in this case, which allows it to utilise interfaces and other data from earlier versions of a console or device or with different systems.  Backwards compatibility is possible if the older versions were […]