Huawei MateBook X, a fantastic ultra portable contagious by USB-C fever

Huawei MateBook X

It smells like a MacBook, it looks like a MacBook, but it’s not a MacBook. The Huawei MateBook X is a team that is developed in the image and likeness of the Apple team, but it differs from it in two very important things.

The first, which is based on Windows, something that makes us have an obvious alternative if we like that ultra-thin and ultra-light format. The second, even more important, is that this is like a MacBook except for the other thing: it’s pretty much done better. Continue reading “Huawei MateBook X, a fantastic ultra portable contagious by USB-C fever”

Increase the reception of the WiFi signal

WiFi signal

In today’s apartments it is important that WiFi signal reaches every corner of the home not only to keep the smartphone connected even if it is moved from one side to the other, but especially to keep several network devices such as TV, IP camera or other “smart” devices.

Depending on the layout of an environment, how the building and furnishings are built, the signal may be more or less weak or absent if the router is distant or if there are interferences.  Continue reading “Increase the reception of the WiFi signal”