Solid State Batteries: What are they and what advantages do they have over lithium?

Solid State Batteries

Both Samsung and LG have spoken, although not all the comments arrive officially but glide to the press with delicacy. The key is that both have stated the same thing at different times, as part of an uncoordinated movement that confirms that solid-state batteries are just over two years away from the market and change the whole picture today.

They will change it because right now the dominance of lithium ion batteries is only jeopardized by the arrival of those of lithium polymers, but in the end it is the same technology. With the solid ones shortly after its debut touches several questions, what are these batteries? And above all, what are they going to improve the current market for batteries for mobile phones? Let’s see. Continue reading “Solid State Batteries: What are they and what advantages do they have over lithium?”

How to Save and Optimize Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphone Battery Saving

The smartphone manufacturers have realized that one of the fundamental elements of mobile phones is the battery. The technological innovation of modern smartphones entails a tremendous energy expenditure. A modern smartphone, equipped with quality camera, bright display in high definition, biometric sensors and so on, requires a lot of energy to be able to cover at least one day of intensive use. For this reason, the top smart gaming smartphones come with batteries of at least 3000 mAh and some models already outperform the 4000 mAh. However, the software, apps, and hardware of the device may affect it battery life, requiring frequent recharges over a single day. Continue reading “How to Save and Optimize Your Smartphone Battery”