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How to hide conversations in WhatsApp

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A solution that will help you to get out of the way if for some reason you need to hide a conversation

About 1,500 million users around the world use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends or acquaintances. It is undeniable that the application has facilitated the approach of the people although also, in more of some sure occasion that has brought some conflict. It is possible that, at some time or for some reason, you need to hide a WhatsApp conversation or chat, but do you know how you should do it?

Currently, the application does not give the option to keep a secret conversation or have an extra password, so it is easy for anyone who picks up your mobile to access your dialogues.

However, there is an option that will help you hide the chats, make them disappear from the inbox. You just have to ‘ Archive ‘ the chat. With this function we are not deleting anything, we only grant you extra protection since it does not appear at a glance in the list of chats of the main window.

Warning: there are still many people who do not know about this option, although once they discover you the trick will no longer serve to keep your chats hidden.

Steps to follow to hide conversations on WhatsApp

On Android

It is a very simple procedure. If you have an Android you just have to hold down the conversation you want to hide; a popup window will appear with a menu in which you must select the option ‘ Archive chat’. You will soon see that the conversation has disappeared from the main window.

If you then want to access that chat that you have archived, you only have to scroll to the bottom of the window and there you will find ‘Archived Chats’. When you press,  you will rediscover the conversations you wanted to protect. At the moment you no longer want to hide the chat you just have to keep it pressed and choose the option ‘Deactivate chat’.  That’s the way you can hide conversations on android.

In iOS

If you have an iOS and want to hide chats, the procedure is very similar, but the gestures vary. To archive, a chat, swipe from the right to the left to bring up the menu and the option ‘Archive’.

If you want to reach the archived chats in iOS you must press and pull down by forcing a bit in the chat window until in the search field, the option of archived Chats appears. To unarchive a conversation you must slide it to the left. That’s the way you can hide conversations on iOS.

Hide a conversation on WhatsApp web

If what we use is the Web version of WhatsApp we must download an extension called WhatsHide,  which you will find in the Chrome Web Store. Once the extension is downloaded, a new icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Chrome screen, with a red WhatsApp logo.

Click on the new button of the extension and you will see that a menu opens. There is a bar where we must write the name of the chat we want to hide. The chat literally disappears from the list, leaving its hole blank. The negative is that you know that a chat is being hidden there but the positive is that you do not know what chat is being talked about.

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