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The 11 best laugh movies to have a good time

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The cinema is full of titles meant to make people laugh. In our eagerness to promote good humor, we have prepared a list with a selection of laugh movies to have a pleasant time that evades us from the daily worries.

The comedy is probably one of the film genres most demanded by the general public, always eager for fresh stories that guarantee a good laugh. However, together with terror, it is also the most difficult to cause the desired effect; After all, the sense of humor is as subjective as that which gives us fear.

Even with all this, we bring a battery of laugh movies applauded by the critics and much loved by the spectators, who agree to point their ingenious gags and sense of humor as the key to their great success.

The 11 best laugh movies to have a good time

Watch out! The following comedies generate a dose of laughter that can cause severe abdominal pain:

1.With skirts and crazy (Billy Wilder, 1959)

When two musicians from three to four witnesses a settling of accounts between two rival mafias, they must flee and hide their identities so that they do not find them and kill them. His plan is to disguise as women and infiltrate a musical orchestra that is on tour. But, as usually happens in these movies of laughter, things will not go as expected: while one of them falls in love with the beautiful singer of the band, the other is courted by a tycoon who has fallen in love with his alter ego.

The fun duo of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon offer us their best comic with this movie classic, which also includes the icon of the 50, Marilyn Monroe.

2.The apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960)laugh movies

A shorthand employee of an insurance company is willing to upgrade in the company as it is. To do this, give to your bosses the apartment in which you live for your love encounters, with the hope that they will take it into account when granting you their long-awaited promotion. The day you meet a beautiful elevator operator, from whom you fall madly in love, your professional goal will be threatened, as it is the mistress of one of your superiors.

Billy Wilder was undoubtedly the teacher who can consider the founder of the genre of screwball comedy, and this title is one of the best examples.

Jerry Zucker had already earned his fame with the burlesque title quintessential disaster film: Airplane! (1980).

3.The guateque (Blake Edwards, 1968)laugh movies

A cult work of humor cinema, by one of the best laugh movie directors in history: Blake Edwards.

The guateque it features Hrundi, a botched actor who fired the shooting of a film that, by chance, was to star. His luck changes when, by mistake, he is invited to the party organized by the same producer who has thrown him out. Needless to say, Hrundi’s meddling will have hilarious consequences …

4.The young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks, 1974)laugh movies

The grandson of the famous scientist Victor Frankenstein, creator of a horrifying creature made from the parts of the body of different corpses, struggles to lead a normal life as a teacher and cleanse the name of his family. Once he inherits the castle of his ancestors, he will discover a book that details the steps his grandfather followed to give life to the dead, so he will decide to make his own creature.

A hilarious parody of the film directed by James Whale in 1931 (which adapted the work of Mary Shelley), as a late sequel and in the key of comedy. By the way, it’s pronounced ” Frankensteen “!

5.Top Secret! (Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker, 1984)laugh movies

A classic of the cinema of the eighties that inaugurated the parody genre. Set during the Second World War, we follow the famous singer of a rock group that is immersed in a plot with the French Resistance to rescue a scientist apprehended by the Nazis. Continue reading- Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

6.Better … Impossible (James L. Brooks, 1997)

The misanthrope Melvin Udall is a successful writer but with a marked character towards others, who have made him an unpleasant old man that no one wants to deal with, something that is aggravated by his obsessive-compulsive disorder and his marked hobbies.

One day, his neighbor next door is attacked in his apartment and ends up admitted to the hospital. In an unexpected turn of events, Melvin must take care of his dog while it is convalescing. However, his daily routine is truncated when the waitress who habitually serves him is missing his shift. As a result of this event, its character begins to gradually soften, although with difficulties.

One of the laugh movies that most laughs produce in the viewer, by an incredible Jack Nicholson in his role as a cranky maniac.

7.The supper of the idiots (Francis Veber, 1998)

A group of friends has a tradition of having dinner together every Wednesday. For their entertainment, they have set up a game in which one of them must invite every week someone who is a real idiot. That night it’s Brochant’s turn, which seems to have hit the biggest of all idiots; what does not know that this poor memo is also a big hand that breaks everything he touches.

An example of the fact that in French cinema they are also specialists in shooting laugh movies with the seal of quality.

8.Meet The  Parents (Jay Roach, 2000)laugh movies

Greg (Ben Stiller) is a nurse who has proposed to ask his girlfriend Pam. But before that, you must first meet her parents and spend a weekend at home. Unfortunately, the first encounter with the suspicious father of Pam (a superb Robert De Niro), a former CIA agent, is not quite as expected. As of that moment, in spite of Greg’s good faith and his dedicated efforts to please his future in-laws, he does nothing but screws up continually.

The nightmare of every son-in-law materialized in this comedy in which misfortunes and the most bizarre situations occur continuously.

9.Virgin at 40 (Judd Apatow, 2005)laugh movies

Comedian Steve Carell puts on the skin of a boring and routine forty years old. Who enjoys going out with his bunch of friends and his comics. However, this bachelor has not yet had sex with anyone. Since he has never been presented with the opportunity or the right girl. But his luck seems to change when he meets a mother who has just separated …

A recurring theme in current laugh movies has been the sexuality of some of his characters. The funny thing about Judd Apatow’s comedy is that we are not dealing with the typical outgoing teenager, but with a poor devil with no experience in bed, surrounded by the great cast of children formed by his closest friends.

10.Supersalidos (Greg Mottola, 2007)laugh movies

Seth and Evan have been inseparable schoolmates throughout their childhood. Now, on the verge of finishing the institute. The two friends must deal with a university future that does not seem to happen together. On the occasion of the end of the year. A great party is being prepared in which there will be plenty of girls … But alcohol does. And is that being minors, these misfits still cannot buy the drink. However, the peculiar Fogell just got a false card with which he hopes to get the precious booty.

The trio of actors consisting of Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“McLovin” for friends) give us one of those unforgettable laugh movies, full of acid dialogues and situations that will complicate the plans of young people.

11.Hangover in Las Vegas (Todd Phillips, 2009)laugh movies

What happens when four friends go from the bachelor party to Las Vegas. Including the groom and, after a night of debauchery, it disappears the next morning? Well, what happens next is one of the funniest laugh movies of the past decade.

The genius of Todd Phillips’ work is not only in his hilarious gags but also in the ingenious script. Which involves the viewers and makes us part of the plot with the three hungover friends, who do not remember what they did. Just like them, we have no idea how was that revelry, since the director obviates the scene through an ellipsis. In this way, we are reconstructing the pieces of a puzzle that every time seems more surreal.

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