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9 movies like Twilight

Between 2008 and 2012 the world was invaded by a vampire fever that had its origin in the four novels by Stephenie Meyer and, especially, in the film version of them. A saga of five romantic films that left us dangerous and almost impossible loves between a human and a vampire. ” Twilight ” is […]

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The marketing strategy you should use

Marketing strategy is an overall, long-range, strategy and an underlying game plan of any company with the ultimate objective of achieving a competitive edge by knowing the competing needs and desires of potential consumers. The strategy is communicated to the company by a qualified marketing manager who coordinates efforts on the consumer’s behalf through the […]

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What Are Computer Viruses?

Basically, a computer virus behaves like any other program that executes itself in another operating system without the permission of the software engineer or distributor. A computer virus can destroy data, restrict access to the infected computer system, or display annoying pop-ups. Viruses have the potential to cause significant harm to an organisation’s data or […]