movies like gladiator

8 movies like gladiator

Movies like’Gladiator’are rare; not only because they’re delicate to do, but also because of the fact that there’s frequently a minefield of effects that can go awry. Whereas in pictures with typical stories, filmmakers only have to worry about the characters and plot, in literal pictures product and costume design are just as important as […]

movies like national treasure

7 movies like national treasure

Adventure movie suckers must have heard of and loved”National Treasure”. In this film, Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is descended from a family of treasure nimrods obsessed with chancing a war casket hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Now that he has some indication as to where he is, he must run […]

games like until dawn
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10 games like until dawn that will make you shiver in your boots to make decisions

On paper, until dawn reads like a cliche. Eight attractive young adults head to an isolated house for a weekend and are terrified by a masked killer? So far, so Friday the 13th. But what sets Supermassive’s branching horror narrative apart is its clever dismantling of these horror tropes, even as it cheerfully celebrates them. […]

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Facts About Force Gauges

What Is a Force Gauge? Force gauges measure force units in newtons, while scales measure weight in kilograms. Force measures how hard you are pushing or pulling on an object, while weight measures how heavy it feels to hold something. Force gauges provide measurements for scientific experiments and commercial weighing applications, and they come in […]