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6 phenomena that physics has not yet been able to expansion

Astronomers and physicists, including other researchers, do not stop questioning about different topics. Even with the scientific advances, there are situations that can not be given a logical answer. Physics has not yet been able to expansion of the universe.

For this reason, they develop assumptions that, without having been proven. Become the exceptional evidence to respond to the performance of things in the cosmos. Although these theories of astrophysics are not yet truly revealed, they are the only way to explain them.

We expose some of these topics.

1.Dark matter

expansion of the universe

Dark matter, as the term explains, is something that lacks illumination. Without attracting and also not irradiate luminescence, it simply makes it impossible to see at first sight.

In spite of this, researchers know of its existence due to the gravitational effect that it produces on other bodies. In addition to the one that exerts before the disposition of the universe.

Multiple specialists believe that the composition of dark matter is derived from massive particles with a fragile interaction with each other, becoming the reason why they can not be revealed. Continue reading- The Scandal Of Facebook Shows The False Gratuitousness Of Social Networks: The Price Is Your Data

2.Dark energy

expansion of the universe

The specialists are convinced that there is something that neutralizes the attraction defined by the gravitational force. Which manifests itself with something supposedly absurd: the persistent expansion of the universe. Although it is considered that the same severity would have the particularity of preventing it. Despite this, it happens.

Dark energy is undetectable and experts cannot prove their presence, even though they do not succeed with another justification. They believe that this energy constitutes 70% of the cosmos. The researchers are sure that the expansion of the universe will remain forever.

3.Cosmic inflation

expansion of the universe

Cosmic inflation is the result of an accumulation of scientific conjectures, which seek to fill the gaps and mysteries derived from the Big Bang theory.

This is how the fact that the universe expanded uniformly and accelerated 13.8 billion years ago came out.

By observing the cosmos, it is possible to visualize a sphere that apparently widens progressively and evenly.

The experts could not conceive that all this had a similar temperature. Hence the mystery: How two separate parts of the universe were able to maintain the same temperature and density without having any approach?

The answer is provided by the theory of cosmic inflation, which indicates that these fractions were once united. Added to this, after the Big Bang, less than a trillionth of a second later, the cosmos tolerated an exponential increase causing its division at a speed greater than that of light.

If you compare the sky with a deflated balloon, which suddenly and swiftly fills with air, propagating your body, this theory could be understood.

During the expansion, tiny temperature discrepancies would have formed, as well as places with higher densities, becoming galaxies and groups of galaxies. Likewise, the gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein originated.

As scientists have not been able to visualize it, it makes it impossible for them to give a reason for how the sets of stars and waves appeared, although cosmic inflation would give an easily understood response.

4.The destiny of the universe

expansion of the universe

Among the questions of specialists is where we are going in the universe. The theories suggest that this obeys an unexplored or ignored agent that calculates the consistency of matter as well as the energy found in the universe.

When thinking that this agent is superior to unity, the cosmos would have a sphere shape. In the absence of dark energy, the firmament could not expand and enter into an opposite process that would lead to chaos.

As this energy is real, the researchers are sure that the expansion of the universe will remain forever.


expansion of the universe

Theoretically, time goes forward perpetually. This explanation is given by a characteristic of matter called entropy and is nothing more than the amount of disorder, this time, of the particles of the universe.

This represents another mystery for the experts: why were the cosmos originally so ordered? In citing other assumptions, scientists believe in the existence of accumulated energy in large quantities in such a small space, so why at the beginning of the universe was entropy so low?

The explanation of that is still unknown.

6.The parallel universesexpansion of the universe

There is nothing that confirms that the universe we see and in which we live is unique. It is considered that spacetime is a flat extension and that it has no end.

For many experts, the conjecture that there is only one cosmos between infinite spaces is right and defend it.

Quantum physics holds that the arrangement of particles between each space is finite and that this distribution is necessarily replicated, generating the existence of many parallel universes. The researchers are sure that the expansion of the universe will remain forever.

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