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The 8 best games like Clash Royale for Android

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This post will show you the best games like Clash Royale. You can even earn cash while playing this game, like the best money making apps. Earning gems and free chests. Some games that we will mention will be too similar. Others will be almost exact. The point is that they all have something in common with the supercell star game.

1. Jungle Clashgames like Clash Royale

This is literally a copy game of Clash Royale. The game was developed by the company MY.COM and we must say that there are not many differences in terms of gameplay compared to the original Clash Royale. Yes, the company has been responsible for modifying the entire section of the design, including the letters. The characters are the same as we already saw in Jungle Heat (the copy of Clash of Clans). Modafinil drug, the company has serious problems in copying Supercell games. This is undoubtedly one of the best games like Clash Royale that could not miss in the top. If you want to play a military-themed Clash Royale, you should definitely try this game. More in PLAITEC.COM

2. Craft Royalegames like Clash Royale

This is another of the games like Clash Royale, the big difference falls in its appearance. The graphics of Craft Royale are the same as those used in the classic Minecraft game. Ativan online The cards are practically the same as those used in Clash Royale, the only difference as we mentioned is that in this game all the graphics are pixelated. At the moment the game is not available on Google Play but you can download the APK from Uptodown.

3. Tribal Maniagames like Clash Royale

Tribal Mania is a game that we already had the opportunity to analyze a while ago. This is one of the games like Clash Royale that is worth recommending. The graphics of the game take us to a prehistoric age in some Asian country. We will have up to 62 cards to unlock, 9 arenas and lots of fun. The game is free and you can download it from Google Play. If there is something that we could criticize about this game this would be the performance it offers. Hopefully, in future updates optimize it a little more for a more fluid experience.

4. Chaos Battle Leaguegames like Clash Royale

This is another of those games like Clash Royale that could not be missing in this top. The futuristic graphics of this delivery will barely catch you and start playing it. We must recognize that aesthetically this is too good a game. Mo Literally, all the mechanics of the game is identical to the one used by Clash Royale so there is not much to say. Chaos Battle League is a game that we recommend to try if you are a fan of Clash Royale.

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5. Castle Burngames like Clash Royale

This is a game that somehow reminded us of Clash Royale while we were playing them. The construction takes a more important role but in terms of the environment and the way we take the victories it was practically impossible not to include Castle Burn in this top of the best games similar to Clash Royale. We could classify this game as a multiplayer Tower Defense where we will have many units to fight in the arena. We invite you to try this great delivery and tell us if you think it deserves to be in this top of games similar to Clash Royale.

6. Spellbindersgames like Clash Royale

Spellbinders do not take the first place in the top of games similar to Clash Royale but we must say that it is an excellent game. The mechanics of it is quite similar to the one we use in Clash Royale. The big difference is that in this game we will have to defend and attack for the 3 lines that we will have available. In the center of the attack map, we will have a gun which we can conquer so that it attacks the enemy base. The games are in a real-time like Clash Royale and our goal is to destroy our enemy. We must admit that this is a game of very high quality in all aspects and for all this we recommend it.

7. Castle Crushgames like Clash Royale

Castle Crush is a game quite similar to the one we just looked at earlier. In our opinion, this is better than the previous one, in addition to having more and better updates, it has more active players worldwide and a better rating. In this game, we will have available more than 40 troops and spells which we can improve by the rewards we earn from the chests we obtain. Without thinking much, this is easily one of the best games similar to Clash Royale. Although the way to play is not 100% identical to the original game, Castle Crush is one of those games that we do not intend to uninstall in a long time.

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8. Titan Brawlgames like Clash Royale

Last but not least we have that Titan Brawl another great game that has star-like Supercell game. Unlike the two games presented above, here we will only have two lines to defend and attack with the same objective as in all previously presented games; destroy the base of the enemy. To achieve this task we will have at our disposal heroes with whom we can fight and use their special powers to be winners. The game is 100% free and you can download it directly from Google Play. With this game, we end this post of the best games similar to Clash Royale.

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