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9 Gmail tricks for the Gmail application on the mobile

There are some Gmail tricks for the Gmail application in the mobile that will allow you to squeeze it to the maximum, something that perhaps you are not doing right now. This mail client has evolved little by little, especially as a result of the great jump of its last update.

Many people proceed to log in to their Gmail email daily from the phone, although few users actually explore all the options offered by their app completely free.

Here we are going to give you some tips for Gmail on Android and iOS that will help you a lot when it comes to configuring your mail at all levels.

With these tricks, you can make a much more complete use of a tool that, not surprisingly, has grown exponentially in the last decade to become the most popular free mail in the world, although it is far from the only one.

Even with the change of interface in its web version, it has improved remarkably when it comes to managing large amounts of mail.

Postpone messageGmail tricks

Relatively recently, Google implemented the option to postpone messages in Gmail. He did it first in the desktop version and then in mobile.

Now you can directly delay a message to receive it again hours or days later. You just have to select it, open the advanced options and select Snooze. Next, choose when you want it to be forwarded to you again. It is one of the Gmail tricks.

It is a useful option if you just received an email but it is not urgent and you want to receive the alert later.

Mute senderGmail tricks

A particularly interesting Gmail option is to silence senders. This way you will stop receiving notifications about the emails of a specific account.

You just have to dial a message, open the advanced options and then give it to Silence.  It is one the of the Gmail tricks.

Life beyond the inbox: forums, social and notifications

In case you do not know, the Gmail mail tray can be divided into several extra trays. Some of them are activated by default and it is possible that you have stopped seeing an email for not consulting them regularly.

They are the photos, notifications, social and promotions, categories to which they will stop messages that correspond to their description.

The opening can check the side and just below the sign selecting drop – down menu entry.

Delete all spam emails at one timeGmail tricks

A useful trick of Gmail in the mobile is the one that serves to clean your mail inbox completely. You can delete all junk emails in one go.  It is one of the Gmail tricks.

You just have to open Spam and select in the upper area Empty Spam Now. It will take a few seconds if you have hundreds of spam emails, but it will finally leave your email clean like a whistle.

Modify the order of the emails in the inboxGmail tricks

By default, Gmail orders all emails in the inbox according to their own criteria of importance. This can be easily modified from the Settings of the application.

Ideally, you should select the unread messages above.

Schedule automatic reply in Gmail from your mobile

As in PC, there is also a tip for Gmail that will help you on your mobile when you are on vacation: program an automatic response.

This will mean that when you receive an email and you are not available, the sender will receive an automated response message. Something like “I’m out of the office, contact me again in a week.”  It is one of the best Gmail tricks.

In Settings> Account> Automatic answer you can write the message you want.

Add Hotmail account

Do you know that from Gmail you can also check Hotmail emails (Outlook) and other email services? For this, you have to add them first. Your tray will automatically be synchronized.

You just have to go to Settings> Accounts> Add account and enter the Hotmail data.

Move between several different emails

That said, if you have more than one email synchronized in the Gmail mobile app, the trick to moving between them is simple. You just have to open the side menu and select the account you want to enter above.  It is one of the Gmail tricks.

By clicking on the profile picture you will move between the different mail trays that you have.

Add recipient in blind copy

When you are going to send an email from Gmail, you can do it by adding the senders normally or in a hidden copy. This will cause someone to receive the mail but not appear in the list of recipients for the rest of the people who have also received it.  It is one of the Gmail tricks.

It serves to keep the privacy of all recipients in extensive mailing lists. You can do it by clicking on the arrow that appears next to the recipient in the email editor window.

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