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An Attractive Page Layout Integral To A Good Website Design

A good layout is the key to a successful web designing. If you do not have a good layout that is not attractive enough to attract the attention of the users, then they will not return to your site. While designing a website, you need to follow few rules of coding to achieve success with the same. For a good website, it is important to have a layout that is visually appealing without any compromise on professionalism or its functionality. Thus, you need to strike a balance in between the quality and also the visual appeal of the site. Prior to the web designing, you need to have an insight if different types of layouts that are in vogue now.

Types of layout

First is the absolute layout that has restricted use and is less used. This is suitable for pages for which you want to take a print out. The next one is the relative layout that can adjust the content as per the size of the screen. Thus, the position and size of the layout differs based on the screen that you choose to view the website. This form of layout is more flexible than the others.

Flexibility in layout

The less flexible layout is known as fixed layout that uses a pixel-based measurement. With the help of this, you can have an insight of how the site will look in the web browser. The use of this layout has gained prominence in the websites that opt for control rather than optimization with the web browsers. Next is the elastic layout that can expand or contract as per the content. Designers who scale texts and contents use this layout as they have complete freedom regarding spreading the content. The last variety is the fluid layout that is known to be one of the most popular layouts that are used by the designers in the recent times.

Factors affecting the layout

An appropriate layout is important to make the site appealing to the customers. A good layout can increase the aesthetics of the website and it plays an important role for the success of any website. Even if the site does not contain any graphics, attractive layout can draw the attention of the users. To create an attractive and appropriate layout for websites, there are few things that you need to consider. These include the resolution that the visitor is using, color plate used in the website, expectation of your readers and also the information of the browser.

Importance of color and text

Color plays an important role in the development of a web page. So while planning the page layout, you also need to lay emphasize on the use of the color. The color of the text must contrast the color used in the background image. The color of the links is also important. The layout of the text is also unimportant Whether it is in bold, underline or italics has effect on the aesthetics of the site. The font used for the text and the size of the same is equally important.

Placement is important

It is believed that most attractive layout is those that have the text, graphics and links in appropriate positions. The use of the graphics is also an important issue as the size of the same should not go beyond a certain limit. For a user-friendly interface, it is important to have a page, where the length should be smaller than the width off the page. The main aim of any layout is to communicate a message effectively to the audience. Placement of elements, formatting and rearranging them in the layout are few of the important part of web designing. Often the designers do the same organically to get good results.

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