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ENERGY STAR Rating Explained

All your clients wish to have the maximum possible comfort of an air conditioned space, be it commercial or residential. And it’s understandable. Hot summer months would be unbearable, not to mention impossible to imagine without an air conditioner to provide fresh, cool air. The same goes for cold winters when the temperatures plummet. However, […]

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How To Run a Casino

Running a casino is a difficult and sometimes risky business. There are many different aspects to running a casino, from the game selection and design to security, marketing, and customer service. In order to be successful in this industry, you must know how to do things properly. Here are some tips that should help you […]


7 best Android tools and utility apps

Smartphones are, at their core, tools. Because of this, many developers have created quite a few of tools for them that work really well. Simply put, there are tons of Android tools and utility apps out there. You can do a whole bunch of stuff with an Android phone. It’s actually a rather difficult topic […]

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4 Industries Affected By Digital Innovations

Digital innovations had once been the future of industry. Now, they are the present, and are fast-shaping the hyper-developing world we live in. They are affecting every pore of our lives, and the heating and air conditioning industry is no exception. In fact, the HVAC sector is one of the quickest growing recipients of “smart” […]