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Best flirting apps

Smartphones have changed our lives in many ways, and the ways we have to meet new people are not spared. Today we share 16 best flirting apps.

Although the habit of seducing through the networks is nothing new, it was not until the arrival of the apps to link that this process has become something more dynamic, allowing us to meet people more easily and quickly.

Now, we do not have unlimited time and it is better not to waste time with technological options that do not work: what are the best apps to flirt with?

What are the best flirting apps on the market?

It is possible that if you are trying to find a partner through digital tools, you have your mobile saturated with new applications, accumulating dozens of messages but without finding what you are looking for. The problem is not so much making them see you, but finding someone who fits you.

To help you avoid trying different apps without success, we have provided you with this list of the best dating apps that currently exist. So the only complicated decision you will have to make is how to organize the week with so many appointments.

Find the application that suits you

The following flirting apps are the most popular and most successful, so … take note!

TinderBest flirting apps

Tinder is the most popular flirting app, and it’s not for less. Its intuitive and simple interface makes it one of the best dating apps in recent years. The app shows you a photograph and a small presentation of the person. If you like it, slide the image to the right to like it. When the other person also liked you, both of you will have the option to message you.

If you are looking to meet people in your area easily and quickly, without a doubt this app can not miss on your smartphone.

MeeticBest flirting apps

Creating a profile on the Meetic website is a bit more elaborate, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for somewhat more formal relationships. This platform allows you to create a very complete profile through a series of questions, to define the type of relationship and person you are looking for.

The web suggests you to the people with more affinity with you, whom you can contact at any time. This app is initially free but contains paid features that improve the user experience.

OkCupidBest flirting apps

Another of the best flirting apps is OkCupid. The platform is simple, but it includes many options to create a complete profile. It is a system based on profiles, likes, and messages, which also allows you to access superior payment functions if you prefer.

This app also has optional questions that you can answer if you want to meet people with the highest affinity possible. In the same way, you also have the option to see the profiles with less affinity.


If in other times you fell in love with someone who crossed the street, you could only choose to launch yourself at that time or pray that you would meet again. This app gives you a remedy: now you just have to pray that this handsome boy you saw on the way to work has a profile in Happn.

It is enough to create a profile on the platform so that the next time you come across someone who has interested you, it will appear on your smartphone and you can like it. As in Tinder, if you both liked each other, you can message each other. Of course, only if that person also has a profile. Luck!


The match is another of the best dating apps and one of the most popular around the world. It has the largest database of singles in the sector.

With a format similar to that of Meetic, it is also designed to meet new people and find a stable partner. The app shows you photos of singles close to you and allows you to browse through profiles of compatible people.


This is one of the classics of online dating and, despite its years, it is still one of the best platforms for meeting people. Badoo follows the traditional profile system with user information and photos, allowing unlimited messages with anyone. It also has search filters according to the area, sex and age, and some payment functions.

BumbleBest flirting apps

This platform is specially designed for us since in this app women have control over the contact process and we cannot carry on a conversation until we take the first step. This allows us to avoid unwanted interactions or to contact only the people that interest us.

It works as tinder, but this app allows you to swipe profiles without limitations, making it one of the best apps to flirt with.

Adopt An Uncle

Similar to Bumble, this application is also aimed at women. On this platform, we have control over who can contact us and establish a conversation with us. It is aimed at women who are looking for very specific types of men and want to have control over the interactions that occur.

The web gained popularity for being one of the first in which only women decided who to message. It also generated some controversy for presenting the website as a men’s supermarket. This even allows you to search by categories, such as bearded men or Latinos. There is something for everyone!


This app, unlike the previous ones, is only dedicated to women seeking to flirt with other women . Formerly known as Brenda, today called Wapa is one of the few apps on the market designed for lesbian and bisexual women, and without a doubt the most popular.

Wapa allows you to meet girls close to you and offers unlimited chat. It’s free, but you also have the option to pay to upgrade features.


Muapp is another of the most outstanding flirting applications. With an operation very similar to that of Tinder or Bumble, this app is designed by and for women. It also works with a profile based on that of your Facebook. To ensure that the profiles are real. And allows you to message yourself with whom there has been reciprocity in the like.


Love is another quite effective app to chat with single people, very similar to those described above. Like many of the apps on the list, it also works through a match between profiles and you can filter by ratio, age or gender preferences. It is also free but has a subscription option to access different functions.


If what we want is to get away from the classic dating apps, this is another of the best apps to seduce. In Teasr users enter a profile picture and fill out an interest questionnaire to find other compatible people.

The difference is that in this case, the app will suggest the most compatible profiles with you, with which you can chat but without showing your photograph. As the conversation progresses, photography will be discovered. Teaser allows you to meet potential leagues without the physical aspect being decisive.


Another recently created app that has increased in followers is the Shakn app. This has a similar operation to Facebook, with very personal profiles and a wall where you can share what you want.

The app allows you to find people with similar interests through hashtags. And you have the option of proposing specific activities to share. All the functions of the app are completely free.


Plenty of Fish is another of the best flirting apps and one of the most popular outside our country. They proclaim themselves as one of the dating sites with the most chances of conversation and with the most successful couples.

It works with simple profiles and unlimited messages at no cost. Its interface is simple and its operation is intuitive, making it very easy to use. Success is assured!


Are you open-minded and looking for different experiences? So 3nder is the app you need in your life. It is mainly aimed at connecting people interested in performing threesomes, although you can also find people with open or polyamorous relationships who are looking for a third person in their life. It is open to any type of relationship or meeting and you can find everything.

Its operation is similar to that of Tinder, but in this case. The information you provide is not subject to your Facebook profile and allows some privacy. It has a free and a premium version. Do you dare to try?

Ashley Madison

If what you want is to add a spark to your life but you don’t dare with 3nder, Ashley Madison can offer you what you are looking for. This controversial application works like any other dating app in use, but with the difference that all its users already have a relationship and what they are looking for is an affair.

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