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The Best Technology To Keep You Entertained

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Technology has improved and contributed to modern life in various ways. One of the biggest benefits of technology is the convenience it affords us with. From modern smartphones, to top end laptops that are able to process high end graphics, for surreal gaming experiences.

The power of modern technology rests in the palm of your hand, or on your tv stand. With the advances in modern technology, it has become easy to keep yourself entertained at home. New tech available in 2018 allows for entertaining home experiences, which light up the living room and make your home a wondrous maze.

Science and technology walk hand in hand, as one improves so does the other. Technology now in 2018 has the power to keep you indoors all weekend. The following pieces of tech are the latest gadgets to get your hands on, if you want the best technology to keep you entertained all year.

Grab A Front Row Seat To The Wallpaper TV

The LG Signature OLED TV W is a beast of a television. Boasting 4K HDR on a whopping 65 inch display, the LG Wallpaper television will change the way you watch television or blast holes in aliens.

The television itself is just 2.5mm thick and weighs 17 pounds. The brilliance of ultimate OLED technology allows for the televisions thickness and therefore affords users with the unique function of hanging the television nearly flat against the wall.

The Wallpaper television is the ultimate edition to your living room, bringing the wall and your imagination to life.

Watch TV On Demand With Hulu Live 

Having a cable or satellite television subscription is extremely overrated, especially when subscription services on the web and allow for more control over what you watch and when you watch it. Plus, you can also play Bingo for money, so who needs cable?

There are number of good alternatives to grain fed programming. Hulu Live is a new alternative that is loaded with nifty features to keep you entertained. The services include over fifty live channels, a n extensive catalogue of on-demand TV and movies and even some local programming, which is only available in certain areas.  

Step Into Virtual Reality With The Lenovo Explorer  

The Lenovo Explorer is a headset that allows its user to step into the world of virtual reality. It’s light, compact and the two motion-tracking cameras on the front of the headset allow for some stunning visuals.

The Explorer is also a versatile headset. It’s not designed around one principle like the PlayStation VR headset; with the Explorer you can step into virtual worlds for educational purposes like yours, or use it for captivating gaming.

Inside I’m Speaker

All high end televisions are following the edge to edge screen trend. Imagine a screen that not only follows the edge to edge design, but also doubles up as an acoustic surface. Until now it was impossible to have a speaker on a surface but the geniuses at Sony have developed the tech to do just that.

It’s called the Bravia OLED A1E HDR TV  and it makes use of four actuators positioned behind the display, which create visually imperceptible vibrations for sound. The actuators create localized audio, so sound moves across the display and matches the action.

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