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How to manage chemicals safely

Chemicals are used hundreds of times a day and in some industries chemicals are important and need to be safely managed. This could mean ensuring that there are Chemical Spill Kits  available in case of any spillages and that policies and procedures are put together to help make sure the chemicals are used and stored safely.

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Packaging – it is important that all chemicals are stored in their original packaging and that the labels are kept on the bottles or boxes. This helps to identify where the chemicals are to be stored and any medical attention that may be needed if an individual comes into direct contact with the chemical.

Utensils – never use the same utensil to mix different chemicals. This is particularly important when it comes to products that contain ammonia and those that contain bleach. These two chemicals produce a fatal gas when they are mixed.

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Storage – make sure that you store all chemicals in the appropriate containers and that they are never decanted into other bottles. It is important that all storage instructions are adhered to. When carrying the bottles from one place to another you should do so by using any handles that are available.

PPE – make sure that all relevant PPE is available for those using the chemicals. This can include goggles, gloves and face masks. Aprons may also be needed in some cases. Be sure to check any use by dates on PPE items.

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