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Getting Planning Permission for a Shop Sign

If you have recently opened your own shop, one of the things that you will want to do next is to put up your own shop sign to let people know that you are there! Your shop sign is important as it is not only a sign to show that you are there, but also important as part of the branding of your business. You can get professional branded signs made by companies like this sign makers Exeter based business.

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Before you put a sign on your shop, you will need to get planning permission to do so. This is only something that doesn’t apply when the sign is smaller than 0.3 square metres in size. To get planning permission contact the planning department of your local council who will be able to then consider the signage that you want to install and if it is deemed suitable then they can grant you planning permission.

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The vast majority of people who want to install a sign will get permission so this is not something to worry about – as long as the sign is not causing an obstruction or a nuisance and is in keeping with the area and can be easily removed, then you will get permission to install signage outside your shop. However, you should always make sure that you get planning permission before you put the signs up as you could be fined for putting a sign up without having planning permission to do so.

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