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Creating a memorable brand is important for establishing your business; however, it is also a challenging process that can swallow time and resources. If you want to ensure everyone knows not only your name and logo but also your values and ethos, you should consider your branding carefully.
What is a brand?

You might think a brand is just a logo: the words and images that are inexorably associated with your company. More than this, however, a brand is your reputation. What do customers think when they see your name? Branding has significant implications for long-term success, which is why many people decide to turn to a brand strategy agency such as

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Who are you?

If you want your brand to communicate a message, you need a strong sense of identity. This is not just about your products but also your mission statement and underlying values. You should be able to clearly articulate these before any designing begins.

Recognise your audience

Part of developing your sense of identity is knowing who will buy your products; for example, your marketing will be very different if you are selling to adult men rather than teenage girls. Targeted branding allows for improved efficiency. This means being responsive to feedback from your target audience, such as through consumer surveys.

Be unique

There must be something that sets your brand apart from others – a reason for customers to choose you. Perhaps it is your high-quality products or commitment to sustainability. Study your competitors, find your own unique selling point, and feature it prominently in your branding. This applies to developing a brand as much as a business.


To make sure consumers can instantly recognise your brand, you need consistency. The same logo should feature on every item and communication. Maintain the same colour scheme, font and tone of voice across different formats.

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Branding may be a complex process; however, by bearing these principles in mind, you will be better able to establish your company as unique, trustworthy, easy to recognise, and providing a product or service that people find desirable.

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