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A computer is a device that can be found in almost any home, as both by size and price is currently an artifact that we can all acquire easily and with little economic effort. That is why there are so many different Computer brands and computer models.

In this scenario we can find dozens of computers each with different performance characteristics or accessories, however, the reputation of the brand, ie who made it, is still a question that often decides the purchase of a computer to one side or the other.

Main Computer brandsComputer brands

Although computer sales have declined in recent years, mainly due to the appearance of smartphones and tablets, the truth is that they are still the first-hand choice for all those users who need performance and speed.

In this market-leading brands are leading, and although many of them are currently better known for their tablets or smartphones, they are still betting on the PC.

One of these brands is Lenovo, founded in 1984, and which, after acquiring IBM’s PC division, positioned itself in the market as the most important computer manufacturer. Some of the current Lenovo models are the All-in-One C Series, ThinkPad, and IdeaPad.Computer brands

Another of the most recognized brands in the market is Hewlett Packard, better known perhaps as HP. This company was founded in 1939 and since then has been at the forefront of technological developments. Some of the most important HP models are the Specter Laptop, the Envy series, and the Pavillion series.Computer brands

Acer is also one of the most respected computer brands in the market. Mainly due to its design and the performance of its equipment. Acer has its origins in 1976, and its main computers are the Aspire series, the Swift series. The TravelMate series, and the Chromebooks, ultralight laptops equipped with the Google operating system.Computer brands

Dell is another main brand.

Apple is another manufacturer of great prestige that offers since its inception computers of excellent construction. And features for that time innovative. Among the computers manufactured by Apple, we can mention the iMac and the MacBook. A feature of these devices manufactured by Apple is that they run a proprietary operating system, called Mac OS, meaning they do not use Windows.Computer brands

Other computer brands

Alienware is a brand of computers specialized in desktop PCs and gaming notebooks, which include the latest advances in the field. Such as video and audio boards, all to obtain the best performance when playing games with very demanding games. The most recognized models of Alienware are the Aurora and the Area-51 series in desktop computers. While their most recognized laptops are the Alienware 13, 15 an

Other brands well known for the quality and performance of their products are Toshiba, with its models Satellite, Asus, Gateway. Sony with its models Vaio, Compaq, all of them excellent computer brands. And that will provide years of faithful services.d 17.

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