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Convenient Apps While Traveling

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Your smartphone may be the most important companion when traveling. Today, people have access to a variety of applications that can help you have a better experience. While these applications are not really a necessity, they can sure ease some of the challenges that one would come across in their travels.

There are many items that one should not leave behind when embarking on a great adventure. Leaving behind your passport is out of the question, as well as mobile phone. Besides keeping in touch with friends and family, a mobile phone can also assist you in dire times. Here are some mobile applications that you should consider installing on your smartphone before closing the door behind you and begin your adventure.


First things first, you may be traveling to places where access to the internet is limited or nonexistent. These situations can be a bit frustrating because most of the apps on your phone require internet access. So, a good app to start with would be WiFi Map. This handy application will find the nearest WiFi in your area. The app has a large database of WiFi locations which you can download and use it offline mode in order to find the nearest WiFi in your area. This is a brilliant app where access to the internet is limited.


Let’s say that you are traveling in a foreign country and you don’t know the language. Now that you were able to set up your internet connection with the help of WiFi Map app, the next logical step would be the Google Translate app. Sure, you can just go on Google and search manually, but using the app is way faster and easier. The app can translate 103 different languages and 59 of them can be downloaded for later use, even without data connection.  Google Translate may be the king when it comes to translation apps but there is also room for preference and experimentation in order to determine which one is the best for you.


Any Messenger App will do. Most people these days have a Facebook account and if you also have one, then you most likely also installed the messenger app. It’s a convenient way of instantly message other people and communicate with your friends, send pictures and videos and share your experiences. Besides the Facebook Messenger, there is also WhatsApp, which itself is a popular messaging application, as well as Telegram, which has millions of active users.


Gaming Apps while not a necessity, they can surely provide you with lots of entertainment, especially in lower moments of the trip. Each person has their own preference when it comes to gaming but lately, social casinos are the type of games that many people seem to prefer. While not that different from a regular online casino, they can provide you with entertainment during your trips. For example, you can always hop in a game and play a few rounds of slots while you are on the go.

Depending on what you choose regarding transportation, be it by bus, train or plane, you can instantly relax and enjoy the road while at the same time, participating in a casino tournament with your friends. Many of these online casinos come as applications. An example would be Slotpark. The application itself is not a game but a platform where you can choose one of the many casino games available, in this case all of them are slot games.


Lastly, when it comes to entertaining yourself on the go, Spotify will definitely fill the void. Same as the games, this is not a necessity, however, it is a convenient way to take your playlist wherever you go. Streaming is the new way in which people experience media and music is no different. You have access to all of your favorite music without the need to fill the space on your phone. However, this can be done if you are planning to listen to music in offline mode.

These are some applications that can make your travel experience more enjoyable and convenient. Depending on how much space your phone has, you can install additional apps if you feel like you need them.

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