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10 Applications to Download YouTube Videos

With the birth of YouTube, a new and varied way of consuming audiovisual content emerges. As technology progressed, smartphones came into our lives, and uploading a video to the popular website became a simple operation with few steps. In the course of time, the program called YouTube became a space for the dissemination of companies, socialization, and entertainment in a general sense. But how do we download YouTube videos to our mobile device?

Where is the problem? On some occasions, we want to have our favorite videos without having to depend on the WiFi network and in the process avoid refilling our data rate. Do you want to know how to do it? In this article that in we have prepared for you, you have the best apps to download videos from Youtube.

Download YouTube Videos

In this installment that we have prepared in today, we bring you the 10 best applications to download videos from YouTube so that we can play them offline.

It is known by all Internet users that the YouTube program is one of the largest video portals on the Internet. This has been proven that in it, every day we can find millions of new videos created by other users that brighten our free time.

It is a truth and as much as we like YouTube,  online video playback is one of the things that more mobile data spend on our rate, which makes it very difficult to watch a large number of videos when we do not have a WiFi connection. A long time ago, Google has introduced YouTube Red, the premium subscription service that allows you to extend the YouTube experience with some extra features

Despite all one of them has been demanded by YouTube users for years, and it is the reproduction of offline videos, downloading them to our device. By not responding to youtubers’ requests that YouTube Red reaches several countries, there have been applications for downloading YouTube videos for quite some time. For today we bring you a compilation of the 10 best alternatives.

1. Videoder 10

This program called Videoder is one of the newest applications to download videos from YouTube, although it is certainly one of the best we can find. The amazing thing about this application is that it is capable of downloading both videos and audio in any format,  allowing us to even select a list of videos to download automatically instead of the tedious thing of having to select them one by one which will save us a lot of time.

This application called Videoder stands out for its simple design based on Material Design, in which tips will appear so that its use is as intuitive as possible. To point out its deficiencies and in particular a negative point, I must emphasize that it is an application that does not support being used horizontally, proving to be quite inconvenient to use, especially if you are a tablet user.

At the moment we are watching videos, just having to turn the phone to download them can be annoying, but if our purpose is only to download, it’s fine.

2. TubeMatedownload YouTube videos

We bring you the TubeMate which is one of the most veteran applications of the panorama. Very similar to its peers, its main function is to download videos from YouTube to be able to play them on our device. It is unfortunate, although the application remains functional, it has been outdated in many respects to the competition. It is one of the best applications to download YouTube videos.

We can highlight that, the modified version of TubeMate is quite interesting because it is based on Material Design, not having ads and giving us the possibility to download complete playlists, as well as being updated much more frequently.

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3. SnapTubedownload YouTube videos

Let’s talk about an application named SnapTube which is one of the most complete applications that we can find today. The innovative application which allows us to download videos and music from virtually any corner of the internet.

In the tools of its arsenal, it stands out, that it is not only to download videos from YouTube, but also from other popular sites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, and even Vine. The application that we bring you has an integrated browser from which we can navigate through these sites directly so that when a video appears, we can download it.

This novel application called Snaptube also has other very interesting options such as being able to access the most popular videos and the greatest successes, although its greatest virtue is undoubtedly the ability to download them from the native application. We can cite an example, if we are on YouTube and press the share button, we can click on  download video, being an addition that provides a lot of comforts

4. YouTube Downloaderdownload YouTube videos

It is said that within the community that is responsible for developing applications, the XDA Developers is one of the largest communities where we can find anything that can be done on Android. As the fact of changing the ROM of our phone or knowing a new application, XDA is one of the best sites we can access.

In the internet world, we find an application created and developed called YouTube Downloader. To make use of this application is very simple since from the same YouTube application we can download the video by pressing the share button, choosing  YouTube Downloader, although we can also use it as an application.

5. NewPipedownload YouTube videos

We introduce you to NewPipe, an alternative that we can find in F-Droid, the application market dedicated to free software. Everything we have been able to find out about this application. And its origin is completely free so that you can download its source code and everything at no cost. It is one of the best applications to download YouTube videos.

This application within its features allows us to search and watch YouTube videos, play the music of these in the background. And download both videos and only music, making it free. And also the free alternative to the YouTube subscription service of all of us.

6. HD Video Downloader

You can say of this application its interface so refined and the fact of supporting infinity of video formats, are some of the aspects that have called us the most attention of HD Video Downloader. You can also save them directly to the SD card of your smartphone in just a couple of seconds. On the issue of downloading, which is what interests us most can be done directly from the browser without having to leave the page, so you can continue enjoying your browsing and download hundreds of videos daily. It is one of the best applications to download YouTube videos.

7. Fastest Video Downloaderdownload YouTube videos

This downloader has its most pronounced features. It is without a doubt how quickly we can download all the videos of our preference.  The Fastest Video Downloader application is the free alternative to other similar applications, even with greater functionality than any other. When you lose your internet connection, the integrated download manager will allow you to restore the download automatically, pause it or remove it from the list. It is one of the best applications to download YouTube videos.

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8. Video Downloader

This amazing application is a very practical “all-in-one” for those who cannot resist any image, audio or video track available on the network of networks. No matter what media file you is looking for. You will be ready to download through Video Downloader, which at the same time, will allow you to listen to them directly from the download list. When you do not have an internet connection, you can find the downloaded material on the phone’s storage card.

9. Easy YouTube Downloaderdownload YouTube videos

When it comes to navigability, this interesting Easy YouTube Downloader application takes all our votes. What we can argue about this application is that it offers us the advantage of obtaining in a few seconds the most voted videos of the moment, the most commented and the most popular. If on the contrary, you are the most demanding. You can also establish a personalized search and use YouTube filters as upload date or video size. What you must do to download it, simply click on the desired file and Done! It is one of the best applications to download YouTube videos.

10. KeepViddownload YouTube videos

Like its similar member the TubeMate, KeepVid offers us a menu with web pages to search for videos to download. Although we can add the ones we can think of. In its similarity also, that this one, this application helps us to download videos in MP4 and GGP and the audios of them in MP3 and M4A. What this application can provide us with respect to others is that it lets us pause the download and even cancel it. Once all the desired files are downloaded, from the apk itself we have the possibility to play them. Delete them or go to the original download page.

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