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The Best External Hard Drive

After numerous hours of research and the comparison of up to thirty of the most popular models on the market, we have determined that the Western Digital My Passport is the best quality/price external hard drive available today. It is a proposed HDD in different storage formats and with a good data transfer speed. It is also a very safe device and has different applications that allow automatic saving.

Best External Hard Drive

Western Digital My Passportexternal hard drive

With a multitude of applications and a compact design, this HDD model is one of the best in the quality/price ratio. It is available in different formats and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

This hyper-secure external hard drive has different storage applications and will delight all those who seek to store their data safely. It is compatible with Mac or  Windows and has good read and write speeds. It is also available on SSD, with higher performance, but more expensive.

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slimexternal hard drive

This HDD has been designed for notebooks due to its thinness and lightness. Its good storage speed is completed by a Seagate Dashboard program for the joint storage of your data at the sea of ​​practicality.

Thanks to USB 3.0, this HDD offers a good read and write speed. It is small, light, compact, and specially designed for notebook PCs (Mac and Windows). The Seagate Dashboard program saves your data regardless of the source, either from local content or hosted in your cloud or other media, such as smartphones or social networks.

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Samsung SSD T5external hard drive

This SSD is the fastest in this comparison thanks to its USB 3.1 compatibility, it resists shocks and drops of up to 2 m. It is one of the few compatible with Android.

Its price is justified by the technologies it ships. These provide numerous advantages that make the difference against many of its rivals. It is perfect for fast transfers and for those who use Android on PC (from version 4.4). Of the few that have such compatibility. Keep reading: sites like Omegle 

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touchexternal hard drive

With its different free subscriptions, including Myliom that protects, shares, synchronizes, and allows you to modify photos, this HDD is particularly suitable for audiovisual professionals.

Safety and storage above all, voilà Seagate’s line of conduct for this model. Small and light, its compact format does not prevent you from having high transfer speeds. In addition, its fabric covering gives it a more stylized touch. Visual professionals will be delighted with two months of free subscription to Creative Cloud by Adobe.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 4TBexternal hard drive

This HDD is one of the fastest in its class. It has the Seagate Dashboard and Seagate Backup, very interesting secure storage programs for the professional sector.

For the most demanding gamers or professionals, the lower cost supplemental memory of this HDD is more than welcome. Its speed is higher than average and it has precious systems that allow storage in just a few seconds quickly and safely.

Western Digital My Book Duo 4 TBexternal hard drive

This model is made up of a double HDD that allows more consistent storage. This feature is intended for professionals, gamers, or fans of Blu-Ray. It can be read on a router as a NAS.

WD offers a model for demanding professionals or gamers. It is a double HDD in the same case that can be connected directly to the router to function as a NAS. Its structure makes it easier to clean, an act that will considerably lengthen its useful life.

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