geek gift ideas

5 geek gift ideas

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Do you have a Geek friend who turns years and you don’t know what to give him? Do not worry today we bring you 5 ideas of geek gifts that you will love.

Best geek gift ideas

If you take music everywhere: wireless headphonesgeek gift ideas

The wireless headphones are here to stay. The most popular is Apple’s famous AirPods and the new Powerbeats Pro (also from the bitten apple).

However, they are not available to all budgets so, if you have a tighter budget you can opt for other less-known but cheaper options

But yes, be very careful and make sure you choose the model and brand very well, check that it has an acceptable quality, many brands have taken advantage of the wireless boom to launch models for a very, very low price, but without the benefits of the originals, and of course, the quality is not even the same.

We recommend Holyhights, these are headphones that have a very good value for money. They stand out for their futuristic design and, like most, they come with a carrying case. They also have 3 different pads to choose the one that best suits the ear. Its functions are activated by tapping and are compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Does your friend already have wireless headphones? You have two options:

Buy wireless headphones better than the ones you have

If you have some AirPods, buy a cool case

There are covers of all kinds, of different colors and models: designs of french fries, hamburgers, popcorn … You just have to look a little and you will find the perfect case for him.

If you love your PC: Peripherals or gaming chairsgeek gift ideas

The world of peripherals is much bigger and more complicated than you think. But we are here to facilitate your foray into it.

Your friend may have an old set up and is considering renewing it little by little. If so … you already have a gift. A mouse, a keyboard, speakers, a mouse pad, a webcam … Find out which brands it is faithful to. The most famous (for them to sound) are Razer, Corsair, Asus, Logitech, Ozone, etc.

Although they do not belong to the category of peripherals, we have no choice but to talk about gaming chairs, as they are another essential accessory when completing a good geek room. In this type of chair, comfort and design are very important. There are different brands: AKRacing, Drift, GT Omega, Drift, New Skill … just look for the model that suits your budget.

If you are a cinephile: Merchandising of your favorite series or TVgeek gift ideas

If you know what your favorite series or movies are, you have a lot done. And if not, you will have to put on the “Sherlock Holmes” mode and try to find out. A good geek is sure to be a lover of Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Rick & Morty, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, The Big Bang Theory … Finding accessories or figures from those series or movies is very easy, and there is A lot of variety.


A cup to start the day well, a shirt that will look proud, a pajamas for winter nights, a cool figure that will decorate your room in an original way, a collector’s edition to show off in front of everyone, a cushion that will accompany your travel, a flow condenser (Dr. Brown says he has none right now, but you might find it elsewhere), a model – for example, the Millennium Falcon, Enterprise or Death Star -, etc. As you can see there are many options you have if you discover your favorite series or movie 😊

If you love reading: eBook or eReadergeek gift ideas

If your geek friend loves to read, an eBook will be a good gift. The world of eBooks has evolved a lot since the first one came out. At that time we still distrusted reading on one screen and storing all our books in one but, currently, it has become a must in travel by subway, bus or plane. They are light, practical and allow you to read more than one book at a time without having to load them.

In a matter of prices, you can find a lot of variation according to the characteristics of each eBook or eReader. If they are tactile or not, if they are backlit, size, weight, compatible formats, water resistance …

Complete your gift with a cover of your friend’s favorite color with some cool and original design. Any electronic device with a case, case or anything that personalizes it, will make you identify more with it.

If it’s Gamer: Video games, Subscriptions or prepaid cardsgeek gift ideas

Not for being a geek it has to be a gamer, but if it is, you’re in luck. You have an infinite world of possibilities before you. So much, that we are going to do an article soon to investigate it together 😊 But while we give you some options.

You can buy him a game that you know he wants or that will come out soon. Depending on whether it is from Nintendo, PlayStation, PC or Xbox you will have games for all platforms or exclusive to each of them. You can also be original and give him a subscription to Google Stadia or PlayStation Now. It is also a good option to give prepaid cards or point envelopes for games.

As in the case of seriéfilos and cinephiles … the gamers freak out the merchandising! So you will have to go back to detective mode and see what franchises or video game titles you like. If you do not want to innovate you can opt for the most classic such as Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, Space invaders, Pac-Man, Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

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