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How to Install Applications on Xiaomi Amazfit

Today I want to explain how to  install applications on Xiaomi Amazfit (Chinese firmware only). In fact, Amazfit has an Android based operating  system, so you can install some apps as long as they’re supported. At the moment there is not a wide choice, but hopefully the available applications will gradually increase.

In order to be able to proceed with installing apps, it is important that  adb is installed on our PC and runs smoothly. If you do not have an adb yet, download it from the link in the thread on xda-developers  and continue with the installation confirming all the steps with Y.

How to install apps on Xiaomi Amazfit

Xiaomi Amazfit
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Enable launcher

The first thing to do is enable the  launcher on Xiaomi Amazfit. To do so, go to Settings (swipe from top to bottom on the first screen), then Info, and then tap repeatedly on  Legal Statement (find it at the end) until a counter reaches 0. At this point under Legal Statement you will find the Lab entry . Enter and scroll to AppList Launcher then tap and the smartwatch will restart. As soon as you reboot, always scroll right until you find a new screen, that is, the new launcher with all installed apps and the ones you will install in the future.

Install a calculator

In this example we will install a calculator, but the procedure is the same for each application, just change the apk name to the command. Download the apk installable on Xiaomi Amazfit and copy it into the adb folder.

In the same adb folder, hold down the Shift key and right-click anywhere in the folder, then click  Open Command here . Connect Amazfit to your PC and type  adb devices to verify it has been recognized, and then type the following command to install the application

Wait a few seconds until the Success message  confirms the completion of the installation.

Great, the application is installed on your Amazfit and you can disconnect it from your PC. The new installed app you found in the launcher activated with the previous step!

All apps for Xiaomi Amazfit

The apps I’ve found at the moment are 5. If you know anything else let me know and I’ll add it to the list. I remind you that you need to change calculator.apk with the name of the app that you are installing to perform the installation …

  • Calculator 1
  • Calculator 2
  • Gallery
  • Countdown timer
  • Time at intervals for training and rest sessions

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