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Kickidler’s New Functionality Expands Possibilities of the Employee Monitoring

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The latest update of Kickidler program has come out – 1.58.0 release has improved the employee monitoring software.

The latest update of Kickidler employee monitoring software has come out – 1.58.0 release has improved the employee monitoring software. The new-generation time tracking system is developed in Russia and used in more than 40 countries over the world. Besides the fully automated productive calendar, Kickidler 1.58.0 release will allow the users to solve different professional problems with maximum efficiency. New features of controlling the work of remote workers have been added; Kickidler system allows supervisors to watch the screens of employees’ computers online, record the video of the history of actions, and analyze Internet traffic. It minimizes mistakes during the process of estimation employees’ work hours and saves time of the experts who are engaged in time tracking. Also the system provides protection against insider threats, remote control of personal computers, control and information security.

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