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Which One Should You Look For? Mouse/Keyboard or Console- Let’s Look At the Advantages and Disadvantages

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One of the difficult choices that would be gamers’ face before they start their gaming adventure is choosing whether to opt for console controllers or using the keyboard and mouse as controllers. While this is a problem mostly faced by beginners, there are also some professional gamers who face the same problem. Below, we try to weigh the pros and cons of these two so that the gamer decides on his own what works for him and what doesn’t. Gamers also have the freedom to have a spin here so that they try both of these controllers and judge for themselves which one works perfectly for them and which one doesn’t.


There are two major advantages when it comes to using the PC or more specifically the mouse/keyboard in gaming. The first major advantage is that these controls work with almost any game. What this means is that gamers who love video games can still enjoy their favourite games using the mouse/keyboard. Gamers who also love playing casino games such as online slots, poker and roulette among others on PC can do so easily using their mouse/keyboard. Gamers who are into social games such as Candy Crush can also play their favourite games using the mouse/keyboard. In essence, this means the mouse/keyboard controller is for all gamers.

Also, the mouse/keyboard controller is generally considered powerful and durable. In general, this means that it’s more economical to purchase and use the mouse/keyboard controller rather than the console controller if you are looking for a tool for the long term.

Console Controller

What constitutes the advantages of one automatically translate as the disadvantages of another. This, therefore, means that the advantages of the mouse/keyboard above are the disadvantages of the console controller. At the same time, the advantages of the console controller below are the disadvantages of mouse/keyboard controller.

The first major advantage of console controllers is that they don’t give gamers headaches on compatibility issues. Any console controller will work for any console game. This is in stark contrast to the mouse/keyboard controller in which the player may fail to play the game owing to compatibility issues.

Secondly, console controllers are cheaper. At first, console controllers may seem expensive when compared to mouse/keyboard controllers but the truth is that in the long run, mouse/keyboard controllers will cost more to the gamer due to a number of issues, one of which include the need to upgrade. Gamers using mouse/keyboard controllers need to constantly upgrade the software, something which requires a lot of resources.

Another major advantage of the console controller is that it is social. When using the console controller, players can easily play multiplayer games without any hassle. This is in stark contrast to the mouse/keyboard controller which only can be used by a single player. As today’s gaming is more about interacting with others in multiplayer games, it makes the console controller more appealing to players who love playing multiplayer games.

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