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One Year Review of Arctis 1 Wireless

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Most gamers will know how important sound is in a game. In an immersive, single-player experience, great sounds can help set the scene and allows players to get lost in epic moments and battles, something that is only possible with the gaming platform. While it is possible to attain this with bad sound, there is no question that the feeling is amplified when players use a quality headset when playing games. Having great sound also gives a competitive advantage as the exact location of footsteps can be heard, allowing players to get the drop on unsuspecting players.

It is clear then, that sound is vitally important when gaming. Enter the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless headset. Many gamers will have already heard of SteelSeries as they create great quality keyboards and mice. In fact, some even consider them to be one of the best in the business when it comes to peripherals. It is great to see that the same quality is extended to the Arctis 1, which spoiler alert, is a great product to use and should be considered by those looking to buy a new headset.

Instead of being a simple product review, this article will cover how the headset has fared over one year of use. This is to allow potential customers the best insight into how the headset will end up for them, giving them the best information when it comes to making a decision. To begin with, the price is great for what customers actually get. The price on Amazon for the Arctis 1 is currently £90.49, which is higher than it has been but is still a great deal for the tech on offer. As it has dropped to as low as £75 before though, it might be a good decision to wait for a price drop before purchasing, but the increased price is simply a result of increased demand, meaning that many already consider the headset to be worth buying.

When gamers place the headset on their ears for the first time, they will feel the soft material of the ear cups lightly grace their skin. As the band is fully adjustable, gamers can reach the ultimate comfort. The material used, while soft, is also very durable and even one year later, there has been no visual wear. The materials on the rest of the headset, while not being made from premium materials like aluminium, are very durable too, and the build quality of the whole product is solid. Gamers will have no concerns about accidentally twisting the headset or breaking it.

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to any headset is the sound. With the Arctis 1, it is safe to say that the sound quality is very good. There is no buzzing or fuzziness that can become apparent with some lesser quality headsets, and the range of sound that is available is extensive, meaning that the lows are just as good as the highs. Gamers who love first-person shooters will appreciate being able to hear just about every part of the action, within a generous radius from the player, which is always a good thing.

Headsets are useful for just about any kind of game, including the likes of GTA V where players can go to an in-game casino to gamble. This is beneficial to players who live in areas with restrictive legislation like the Utah gambling laws, but other players might enjoy the game for the diverse range of sound it offers when it comes to traversing the city of Los Santos. Whatever game players choose, the Arctis 1 can be relied on for a great gaming experience.

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