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The most popular sports for betting and predictability

Novice players often wonder what sports to choose for betting in order to profit after a bet. In this case, basic knowledge about teams and players is not always enough – it is important to understand the predictability of the sport.

Firstly, to determine the simplest sports for betting, it is worth remembering that the higher the odds from betting companies, the less chance of winning. In addition, the structure of the sports discipline itself also plays a role. We have analyzed the smartbettingguide to prepare a list of the most popular sports for betting and determined the predictability of the result of the competition.


Tennis is a popular sport, but the outcome of the matches is quite unpredictable. Firstly, this is an individual sport, so the result depends on the state of a particular player on a particular day of the competition.

In addition, tennis, like some other popular sports, is subject to the possibility of match-fixing. For example, when a clear favorite playing against a weaker player suddenly starts losing, the odds of winning his opponent increase dramatically – there is an opportunity for fraud.

However, in tennis there are only two possible outcomes of a match – the victory of player A and the victory of player B. This makes tennis an attractive sport for betting.


As for football, three outcomes make it difficult to predict outcomes. The match may end in victory, defeat or a draw, so the user who wins the bet will win with a probability of 33.3%.

Moreover, since football is the most popular sports discipline, there is the possibility of corruption and the appearance of match-fixing. Because of this, football is not considered the easiest betting sport, as the result can be predetermined in advance, and even users with in-depth knowledge and analytical skills can lose.


Basketball is considered a fairly predictable sport. Firstly, unlike many sports, basketball bets are often bilateral rather than tripartite, which increases the chances of winning from 33.3% to 50%.

There are also many different types of basketball bets, and the odds are often not very high. Therefore, if a user making bets is a real fan of the game, watches matches and knows the statistics of teams, there is a high probability that he will be able to successfully predict the result of the match.

Moreover, in basketball, there is another point system that is very different from football or hockey. Basketball is a fairly intense sport in which players usually score a lot of points, which allows users with basic knowledge of the game to successfully place more / less bets and handicaps.


Racing are one of the most beloved sports for betting, but they are quite unpredictable. The result of the race often depends on the horse, its condition and health, as well as the absence of distractions and injuries.

As for racing, the most important factors are motorcycles and their quality. It is much easier to analyze the statistics of victories of one particular rider than to study the history of a whole team, but it is important to remember that the result of races often depends on motorcycles, which can fail at any time.

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