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Semiconductor Shortage Set to Continue

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If you’ve been hoping to grab yourself one of the next generation consoles from Sony or Microsoft, or even upgrade your computer to play favourites as some slots have been on the rise with recent growing interest, you’ll have likely been met with out of stock notices wherever you look and no signs of change for it to get better – with production plants closing temporarily throughout the past eighteen months it has led to shortages for the vital semiconductors that make up the brains of many of our tech devices, and with warnings that this shortage could last well into 2022, there may still be a long wait for any change. But which markets have been the most impacted, and will they likely see change?

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Next gen consoles often top the list – The newest games console offerings have certainly been at the top of the news releases since their release during the holiday season, and as the most vocal about the ongoing issue too it’s certainly something that will look to be a problem for quite some time yet. Whilst there are hopes that production measures can be stepped up to deliver more stock whenever possible, you may be waiting on a short list for quite some time until more capacity can be guaranteed as demand still remains extremely high.

Graphics cards will remain difficult to grab too – Even prior to the semiconductor shortage, enthusiasts have had a difficult time getting their hands on the latest graphics cards with the cryptocurrency boom that has left stockists empty at every turn, and the semiconductor shortage has only made this worse too. You may have a bit of an easier time depending where in the world you’re from, but stock issues remain a huge problem for people looking for their new build –  with a current crackdown on crypto it may help to release some of the pressure but will still be a huge sore spot for those most hopeful to get their hands on some newer hardware.

Automotive has been able to avoid some of the trouble – Although it isn’t an issue that many would typically think of, but modern cars with all of their electronics rely on these semiconductors and the shortage has hit them too as earlier in the year stories of temporary closures were common – bigger manufacturers like Tesla have said they’ll be able to avoid much of the problem though with a recent statement suggesting they’ll survive the global shortage by changing some software, whilst also being one of the big names to secure a surplus early on too. By being one of the few to maintain higher levels of production, it has certainly been one of the few to show a potential way forward during the shortage.

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