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12 legal sites to watch movies online for free

When we want to see a movie at home we usually tend to ask ourselves how to “download” it and make it available (in many cases even if it is not legal), but we must know that there are legal sites to watch movies online for free. Soon we will see what are the best places for it and how we can enjoy home theater.

Advantages of legal sites to watch movies

Searching the Internet on “how to download free movies” will give us alarming results and this may seem good to users. However, there is a real and potential problem of being sanctioned since there are agencies in charge of investigating these websites and users who access content protected by copyright. In order not to get into trouble it is better to go to the variety of movies that are found to watch online legally and for free.

We know that it is not really common for the police to arrest a person for viewing The Pirates of the Caribbean on an unofficial page, but a more common problem is that these illegal sites try to access your personal information or install software without them you notice it and it affects the performance of your computer.

Furthermore, by consuming “pirated” content, those who worked on the creation of said film will not receive any profit for their work. This especially hurts independent companies that do not have the same distribution as the big Hollywood producers. So it is not a bad thing to spend a little to support the film industry, but of course, it is not always within our possibilities to pay a lot of subscription services and pay-TV a month.

Free sites to watch movies

Although it may seem strange, there are free or public domain online films, because the copyright has expired or because the owner has simply made the material available to the public. Below we share 12 of these online places and streaming services to enjoy your movies legally and safely:

# 1 Rokusites to watch movies

Roku is a free streaming system, which you can use through Roku TV or a player that connects to your television. Roku’s offer is interesting because on a single platform you can review the content of different services such as Netflix, YouTube, Blim, Prime Video, Crunchyroll and Cinépolis Klic.

In Roku, you can get both paid and free movies. Its free-to-play catalog has lots of options that are available in exchange for viewing commercials. Also from their service, you can request free tests from other sites that do charge, in case you are interested in checking them out.

# 2 YouTubesites to watch movies

Surely on more than one occasion, you have come across a film that is complete on YouTube but published by a strange account and of dubious origin. The site usually recommends movies to rent based on your search history, but there are hidden gems that won’t cost you a thing.

Independent creators and the media have decided to publish their films and documentaries on YouTube so that people anywhere in the world can enjoy them or find out what is happening in the world. It is not so easy to find them because the page does not have them organized in a special menu, so it does not hurt to check the social networks of the feature films to find out if it is possible to find them here.

# 3 VUDUsites to watch movies

VUDU is a movie rental service where you can see the latest premieres in high definition and 4K. This option stands out because it gets to offer the films even before they are uploaded to Netflix or even sold on Blu-ray. Without contracts, you will pay what you decide. And best of all: it also offers you free titles.

Just because you don’t have to pay for them doesn’t mean you have to see them as a calculator, since they have a resolution of up to 1080p. You can enter VUDU on any device and the only “downside” is that feature films come with ads.

# 4 Open Culturesites to watch movies

Open Culture is a site dedicated to the distribution of free educational content. As such, this Internet page does not have movies on its platform, but it does have a list where they tell you where to watch them (many of them are on YouTube, in fact). It may not have an offer as big as Netflix, but it will direct you to more than 1,150 productions of various genres.

Open Culture’s mission is to bring knowledge to the comfort of your home. Its site also offers classes in 46 different languages, audiobooks, courses, digital books. And all of them without spending your fortnight!

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# 5 Tubi TVsites to watch movies

As easy as creating an account, downloading the app and voila! The entire Tubi TV offer is free and can be enjoyed on any device. The genre you want, they have it: drama, comedy, cult classics, musicals, horror, children, animation, stand up, documentaries, fantasy, indie productions … It also has a series, so there are many hours of entertainment without spending any.

# 6 Internet Archive

Pages like Wikipedia are considered the libraries of the digital world, this being one of the best known and reviewed. There are others such as the Internet Archive, which stand out not for their articles and curious facts. But for the large amount of multimedia content that can be consulted on their website. This includes movies, and all of them can be played at no cost.

Books, images, audios, videos; all of them from publishing products that are now part of human history. For this reason, the films available on the site are mostly classics of the seventh art. With a menu of over 23,000 titles! You will surely find something to liven up your afternoon.

# 7 Anime-Planet

When you are an anime lover, you know that sometimes it is difficult to find official pages to keep an eye on the most recent or popular Japanese productions. Anime-Planet is a page where everything. All the content that you can play will be legal and safe (without annoying ads. And without having to check all the available links because half are broken).

What Anime-Planet does is work hand-in-hand with paid services like Crunchyroll and Hulu. Sure, the latest films and chapters still require a subscription. But there are lots of series, OVAs, specials. And movies that you can enjoy completely, without problems and without taking out your credit card.

# 8 Kanopysites to watch movies

Kanopy is a totally free service and to use it you only need to have a library card. This requirement may give you the impression that on the platform you will only find videos that would let you see homework in History class, but it is not.

Kanopy’s catalog features documentaries on art, science, culture, society, health, and wellness. It also has a large number of movies of the genre you can think of: action, comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, romance, whatever you want. This site will allow you to see up to 10 films a month without paying a single penny and without ads. With it, you will support independent and foreign work. It is a good opportunity to get to know productions from countries other than yours.

# 9 Vimeo

Vimeo is like YouTube’s cousin because it was also created for anyone to use this platform to upload their own content. Only instead of finding music videos, cookery recipes, and conspiracy theories, Vimeo is home to movies, documentaries, and short films.

Here you will not find titles that are destroying the box office in the cinemas of the world. But you will find a wide diversity of content of all genres and all budgets. Created by independent filmmakers or just beginning their creative careers. Who knows, maybe and discover your next favorite director here.

# 10 Retrovision Classic Movies

As simple as clicking the link above, review the categories and play the player. The Retrovision Classic Movies catalog is not as extensive as that of other members of this list. But its interface is very simple and the labels will allow you to find what you are looking for in the fewest possible links.

If you’re a fan of science fiction, detectives, cult movies. And giant monsters with no computer effects, this place will put a smile on your face.

# 11 Popcornflix

Popcornflix started out as an independent project distribution site. But now it also features movie classics and films featuring Hollywood’s most famous stars. You only need to create an account on the site and more than 1,500 movies will be available (and some series too).

# 12 Film Chest

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Some movies can be distributed in many different places because they are royalty-free. This happens with old productions, which are the ones you will find in abundance at Film Chest. If classic cinema is your thing, this will be your treasure chest.

With more than 3,000 titles available, Film Chest is a company that is also dedicated to film restoration. For this reason, it is possible that on your platform you will find the same films as other services, but with higher quality.

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