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The Most Technologically Advanced Countries In The World

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Technology has changed the world in so many ways; we are living on a completely different planet to what we were 100 years ago. Man made tech has afford the human race with better living; all achieved through the implementation and daily use of vital technology, which has the ability to make life easier.

It’s not that technology just makes life easier, the utter convenience of holding the key to the world in the palm of your hand shapes every day into a melting pot of opportunity. Building relationships is what life is about. It is exactly our ability to  communicate so effortlessly that makes the day so much easier.

Developing countries are still tied up in a more primitive state. Not all first world countries are on par with technology either. Some countries have a forward thinking approach to tech and have embraced modern inventions to add to their countries holistic experience.The following tech rich countries are at the top of their game when it comes to technology.

Japan Is Tops 

Japan has some astonishing technology that really has paved the way for other countries to assimilate themselves into a new world order. From Biotechnology to robotics, Japan has covered various tech fields, achieving notable mentions in nearly all of them.

Japan has had major breakthroughs with technology allowing the human race to push the envelope all the way to the stick seal. With vital contributions in automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metals and even semiconductors. Japan truly is a tech rich country at the top of their game.

The United States Of America Are Runners Up 

America propelled man to the moon, they gave the world atomic energy with the invention of the atomic bomb. They are no doubt a world superpower with some incredible minds challenging our perception of the world around us.

The United States have been focusing on the likes of space exploration, pharmaceuticals, defence systems and telecommunications. Their contribution to technology has had a major impact on our modern planet making them one of the top technology countries in the world.

South Korea Is A Major Player 

South Korea has given the world a host of entertainment technology that is evident on the wall in your living room and the way you play at sites like River Belle casino. Aside from providing the world with the best in entertainment, South Korea’s robotics have trail-blazed a new path to an age where we could be carted around in self-driving cars.

It’s not all about self driving cars either. The advances in medical fields with the help of robotics are saving lives daily. Even Internet speeds in South Korea thrash the United States three times over. Astonishing feats from the country, making it one of the best technology countries in the world.

Rising From The Sand Is Israel 

You may be surprised to hear that over 35% of Israel’s exports are technology related. Carving their names firmly in the book of top technology countries, Israel boasts some unexpected stats.

Israel was the first country to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, complete with real-time surveillance. They pride themselves as one of the top five countries in space science, and they even have modern electric car infrastructure.

It’s definitely a forward-thinking technology country that is taking the wonders of technology applying the principle dynamics and implementing these dynamics into their countries infrastructure. All this makes Israel a top tech country that is moving forward with the people, for the people.

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