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Technology is changing the landscape for many businesses

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After the Industrial Revolution, the commercial world remained mostly unchanged for a century or so, but it’s safe to say that will never happen again. The exponential rate at which technology develops, mutates, and adapts, especially between now and 2021, Technology changes is so quick that you can’t help but get swept up in a tidal wave of innovation, whether you’re ready or not.

Communication and Sharing Information

Every organisation relies heavily on communication and information sharing. Today’s environment provides more options than ever before, and technology makes it easier, faster, and more efficient. Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, social media platforms, chatbots, and other tools are used on a regular basis to communicate and to share information.

Remote Working

Remote working is very common now and almost every technology and IT business is open to it, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that working remotely is achievable, research shows that employees are more productive, because they’re happy working from home or any environment where they feel comfortable and because of that they feel motivated and positive which in a result means they get more work done. Employees have a sense of freedom and independence, and they can save a lot of time commuting from and to the workplace, which will also save money on fuel.

Which Industry and Sector benefits from technology advancements?

Many industries and sectors have benefited greatly from technological advancements, but there is one industry that truly utilises technology to its best potential, and whenever a new piece of technology is introduced, businesses within the sector are first to adopt it. We’re talking about the media and entertainment industries; in case you hadn’t guessed.

Within in the media and entertainment industry comes gaming, the gaming world has grown into a serious and popular industry, gaming consoles have the finest and up to date technology, they need the highest piece of tech to provide their consumers the best graphics, performance, and playability. However, businesses within the gambling industry have sparked massive interest in the recent years due to these fast technology developments.

Online gaming websites and casinos have seen incredible changes, these betting sites now allow users to play the traditional casino games by using VR headsets (Virtual Reality) Online casinos are trying their best to provide a realistic experience, like as you would in a physical casino. Players can do hand gestures to other players, pick up cards and even light and smoke a virtual cigarette.

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