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What types of live online casino games are there?

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Each online casino offers a diverse line of slots. However, the most advanced developments of the online casino sector are moving in a different direction. Games with live online casino games are gaining popularity, as operators are more and more actively aware of what they should add to their platform.

There are several types of live games in the online casino industry. The format originated in classic casino games broadcast over the Internet, but has since evolved significantly; taking advantage of modern technologies with smartcasinoguide can give users a new gaming experience.

Classic casino games

Some of the varieties of games with live in the field of online casinos are nothing more than traditional casino games held in a special studio or on one of the casino floors with a camera that is installed in front of the dealer. Speeding up data processing and improving the quality of the transmitted video image has led developers to have the opportunity to broadcast games on user devices live. Games with live dealers gained great popularity after the players realized that they now had a social aspect of the game experience due to the ability to enter into dialogue with the dealer and other players.

Card games

Many live online casino offers some of the most popular card games. Among such games are Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, as well as such a variation of Baccarat as Dragon Tiger. In addition, poker can be represented as Texas Hold’em and Stud, and Blackjack in the form of Common Draw Blackjack, Early Payout Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack, which is available to an unlimited number of players at the table.


Craps and dice duel are two well-known dice games, which are usually offered in studios with live dealers. Here you can also find the classic simple game Sic Bo. Many online casino also offer American and European versions of roulette – a well-known casino game with one ball and a spinning wheel. And, of course, for those players who love their favorite slots no matter what, some developers offer best casino games slots with live dealers.


Live online casinos actively offers user lotteries and other games in a similar style. Bingo, Lotto, Keno – all of them are issued in a “live” format, where players can watch how the dealer announces winning combinations.

Casino games with a twist

Some of the developers have found a way to incorporate other live online games elements into their products, thereby breathing new life into outdated games. For example, in the Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice, a visual component with amazing quality was added, as well as a random number generator, which users of online slots are already familiar with. So, after players have made bets, a graphic lightning bolt randomly selects one or more of the possible numbers. The multiplier increases if the number of the player was among the random numbers chosen by the generator, and after that it turned out to be winning.

Creation of new game forms

Some developers use the format with live dealers in order to expand the boundaries of what is possible in the online casino industry, preferring to create new trends rather than join existing ones. Instead of limiting themselves to traditional games, they are developing completely new varieties of games.

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