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So, you’ve found a company that offers website design in Taunton or elsewhere, your site is almost ready to go, and you are looking for some help promoting it. At this point, you’re likely to want to look for an SEO company, right? Maybe not.

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One thing that a lot of people don’t realise these days is that SEO is not the be-all and end-all of online marketing. In fact, some prominent figures are trying to get out of the SEO services market because of how it has changed so much these days.

There’s More to Life than Keywords

The most common misconception is that it’s still possible to rank for a keyword with just a bit of SEO work. The truth is that Google is providing results for users, not based on marketers. So ranking a brand page will be hard because price comparison and review pages will likely rank better than product pages. Google wants to encourage people to use display advertising, because revenues are falling, so there’s little incentive for it to rank brand pages well.

So What is Marketing?

After you have a website made, you will want to have a good marketing plan. Just building links and doing some guest blogging won’t be enough to get your product pages ranking. You will need to look at paid search, reviews, local directories and social media marketing. A good social media campaign in particular will provide you with a lot of benefits, both because social signals are used by Google to an extent and because social media itself is a good driver of traffic.  For expert advice and help with this you could contact a Belfast SEO company and one option is
Try to remember that you don’t need Google to be successful – you can get good traffic without organic search results if you use the right marketing campaigns, and there’s no need to leave yourself at the mercy of the search engines. Yes, it is nice to rank well for your brand name and a few choice keywords, but it’s certainly not the end of the world if you can’t rank for the keywords or phrases that you want to. Find other ways to get your brand name in front of the right kind of people – you will see a very strong ROI if you do.

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