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The Impact of Technology on Nursing Education

Becoming a nurse can be a wonderfully exciting and rewarding career. If you want to work closely with people and aid in their recovery, becoming a nurse can be a great way realize your dream of going to work and making a difference – not only in the lives of others, but also in your life as well. There is nothing like coming home after a long day of work and realizing that what you do at your job actually matters. However, CNA training can be challenging – getting your certificate to become a nurse can require long hours of studying and taking exams. However, technology can be a great way to get a leg up when you are studying to become a nurse. Here is how technology has impacted nursing education.

First and foremost, aspiring nurses can now take courses online. This means that they don’t need to drive out of their way and get their training in a class room – they can take many of their courses in the comfort of their own home. This can not only make life easier and more convenient, but you can also save money. By not having to drive to class, you can save money on gas, parking and other expenses. Going to school is already costing you enough money.

Also, technology can give nurses the power they need to really learn the materials they need to learn to become nurses. For instance, the web, and even some smartphone and tablet applications, has many nursing tutorials that individuals can utilize to get the most out of their nursing education. One of the great parts about these tutorials is that you don’t need to raise your hand and have a professor stop in his or tracks to answer a question or clarify a concept. With video tutorials, you can simply reverse the video.

Next, technology has impacted nursing education by giving individuals better and more affordable tools to become more qualified nurses. Instead of purchasing expensive text books, nurses can simply download e-books and read materials on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Text books can often be heavy and exorbitantly priced – even if you buy them used. Not only that, but nurses can also stock up on supplemental materials that can help them learn some of the more advanced lessons in nursing, which can ultimately make nurses better at their job.

Lastly, technology has impacted nursing education for students, but also for teachers. Thanks to technology, many teachers and professors have more tools and they can teach from anywhere. Having this freedom is making professors and educators better at their job. When it comes down to it, professors can also teach more students and they can more of a capacity to broaden their teaching horizons. When it comes to the nursing field, having more educated nurses on hand is important, especially as a shortage is becoming evident. At the end of the day, technology has literally revolutionized the nursing field and with better care for patients, the healthcare industry is better for it as well.

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