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13 Tricks For Better Writing on Your Mac

A big Mac screen and high data processing speed are two great combinations for a smooth writing experience. Still, some options can hamper your work. These can be an inappropriate choice of tools and apps that can grab all your time invested in writing blogs, school assignments, business letters, or other important documents. Therefore, it is essential to gather ideas related to rights apps and tools, fonts to create catchy documents, and ways to deal with grammar issues.

We have a list of 13 tricks that can help to focus more on writing and creates a great working experience;

  • Download Writing Apps

If you get tired of writing on word process and looking for something new. Remember, there are many apps available on Apple stores for writing. You can download anyone based on the rating and past customer reviews. Many of the apps help by self-correcting common errors. There is a specific appearance for the title, headings, and sub-headings to create more interesting content for writers. Therefore, there is no need to procrastinate your plans for restructuring the content. All you need to do is focus on the main write-up.

  • Install Latest Fonts

Fonts also have the utmost importance to make your content easy to read. In the twenty-first century, it was time to leave aside the 80s and 90s Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Courier fonts and installed. The best part is that you can run installed fonts from here on all downloaded apps. The attractive appeal and color option of fonts can make your write-up more interesting. Even you can feel more system engagement time to use more and more different fonts in one write-up to express things.

  • Focus on Reader

The role of writing is to convey the message effectively to the target audience. Therefore, before embarking on writing, always think about your target audience. For instance, if your blog or material is to help a businessman, choose words like an entrepreneur, profit, loss, statements, goodwill, etc which are related to businesses. These help to motivate your readers and keep them interested in the material. Whereas if your audience is a fashionista use the associated words related to the fashion industry. For kids, your writing style especially varies as they need simple and easy-to-understand sentences more in reading.

  • Set Everyday Writing Target

Many of the new writers when shifted from paper pen writing to keyboard screenwriting struggle with alphabet keys. Therefore, it is common to create conflict between ideas and writing skills. For such newbies, setting an everyday task helps to get a good hand on the keyboard. It also helps to improve their speed and efficiency. You can also use voice in words. This is the easiest way to write, but for this, you need to look for such apps and make necessary changes in content. Solid proofreading is essential to find and fix all typographical errors.

  • Draft Your Ideas With Mind Mapping Apps

Mind mapping is a great software to draft your ideas. This app is useful for everyone who wants to convey some messages in graphical form. Using this tool for writing helps you to create an idea regarding what you need to write? Who will be your target audience? Moreover, if you are writing for something for kids, this software is a great help to convey an accurate message. You can choose various pictures, shapes, fonts, and flow charts to link things together. The convenience of creating notes, editing, resizing can make your content more eye-catching.

  • Manage your write-up with OneNote

Every writer keeps a notebook to store all important information related to content. These notebooks have certain sections like write-up startup and finishing ideas, progress information, and room for improvement segments that help the writer complete. Each page of the notebook contains different information. And, it will be not possible for you to link these pages in a notebook. Therefore, choosing the OneNote web clipper extension could be a more suitable solution for your writing. It offers you to write, record audio, videos, add pictures to make your writing more interesting. Whether you are writing for kids or office stands, OneNote helps you to convey a message easily and improve work productivity.

  • Apply SearchLink to Create Links

Writer’s most of the time gets wasted trying to find and paste relevant links from the web. But, when you are using a Mac there is no need to lose momentum while writing. The presence of SearchLink helps you to get multiple links while writing. All you need to do is download SearchLink free software from the apple store. Then add the right exclamation mark to help you to reach the right search engine. For instance, if you are searching for a Mac App Store, use !mas, for iTunes App Store, !it can assist you. Others, like software search using Google, go with !s and to know the Twitter username !@t.

  • Improve Vocabulary

A good vocabulary is essential to make the assignment more appealing and enhance users’ engagement. It also helps in increasing the user’s readability score. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of words and take advantage of thesaurus and Wikipedia. You will get great command over new vocabulary that you may not be familiar with. If you are using the word, you can press Ctrl + Cmd + D to open the dictionary panel. You can get the definition of each word and make every sentence powerful. To make the dictionary app more user-friendly install the Terminology app on your Mac. Keep in mind that your content should not be created with strong word formation, focus on the right placing of words to make content meaningful.

  • Stop all distractions before writing

While writing you need a concentration to focus on the core message of the content. But, a distraction from websites or apps in the form of notifications can bother you and affect your work productivity. Therefore, turn off unwanted app notifications to off mode, these may include social media or other working window websites. You can also keep your desktop window clean to resolve all issues and distractions. Keep most used apps on the top for quality and quick work completion.

  • Check Grammar and Go With Suggestion

While writing any business notice, information, or other material, there are high chances for spelling mistakes and poor sentence structure. Therefore, it is important to revise the structure of your write-up and improve it. Even some tools can help you improve your writing structures. These apps guide you for sentence structure, confusing words, adjectives, and prepositions, etc. considering these apps will help you to get written feedback. Even if you use an app like Grammarly, it makes your proofreading easier.

  • Add images to improve imagination

Images are a great way to convey a message accurately. While writing, adding related images helps to express your ideas in a better way. Moreover, it also helps the reader to read content while drafting ideas from the image. For instance, if your topic is related to a WordPress theme. It will be a great help for readers if you add screenshots of the real theme or add some images related to the content. Similarly, if you are writing about a tourist place, add pictures related to the view you are defining in your words. It helps to take the reader into the real world of imagination.

  • Manual Proofreading is a Key For Improvement

If you have checked content through Grammarly or other applications, Great!! But never underestimate the power of self proofreading. It helps to find errors that might be ignored by application tools. When you are using MAC for proofreading, you can experience great content on a large screen. It helps to find and detect errors easily. Therefore, do not leave any scope for improvement in content from proofreading prospects.

  • Share Your Content

Once you have done with content writing on Mac, the next step is to find errors again and take other’s opinions. Writing sharing helps you to judge content quality. Therefore, do not forget to share your content with others. Sharing also helps to know other’s perceptions regarding content and the way you wrote for them. In short, you can get a general view of the writing.

The Way Forward…

Whether you are writing for personal or professional purposes on Mac, the above-mentioned guidelines will help you to get a great writing experience. Therefore, do not forget to download special writing apps, install fonts, draft ideas in mind mapping to make the writing process easy and interesting. Besides, pay attention to search links to make effective writing, and improve vocabulary and check grammar after task completion. With this, check out your target audience and their expectations in writing skills.

Do not ignore the importance of distractions, keep all distractions in silent mode for a better experience. Manual proofreading is essential and tries to share your content to know others perception

If you like this, do not hesitate to share who are looking for tricks for a better writing experience on their favorite Mac.

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