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How to recover a corrupt word document

Today we are going to see what you can do to recover a corrupt word document, that is, a Word document that for some reason has been damaged and Word does not recognize it. Before giving it up for lost forever, try our solutions.

There are many reasons why a Word document can get corrupted: a hard drive failure, recovering it after deleting it or perhaps because it was not finished downloading whole from the Internet or there was an error in the copy. In all cases the result is the same: Word refuses to open it or does so by displaying strange symbols instead of content.

How to recover a corrupt word document

Option 1: Word’s automatic recoveryrecover a corrupt word document

When you try to open the corrupt document with Microsoft Word, you receive a notice explaining that there is a problem with the content. After pressing Accept, another window tells you that unreadable content was found and asks you if you want to retrieve the contents of the document. Press Yes. It is one of the ways to recover a corrupt word document.

Word will then try to save as much as possible the content of the document, but the truth is that you should not wait too often because it often fails to recover it, especially if the document was in DOCX format. To know more visit page.

Option 2: Open and repairrecover a corrupt word document

Another method of Microsoft Word to repair corrupt documents is in the window to open. Go to the folder where the corrupt document is located, and instead of pressing Open, click on the small arrow next to the button (1) and choose Open and Repair (2). This will force Word to try a file repair to try to recover some of the content. Keep reading

Option 3: Open as is

The two previous Word recovery options or opening a damaged document will take you directly to a window like the one above in Word. This is a document that is so damaged that Word can not recover its original format. It is one of the ways to recover a corrupt word document.

Even so, it is possible that you can recover part of your original text after clicking OK.

Even if the document is opened as plain text and includes a lot of strange squares. And symbols, you may see part or all of the original text below. With some other error and without format, but something is something.

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Option 4: Use Recover text from any goat

Another recovery option within Word itself is present in the Open dialog box. In the drop-down list to choose the format (1), choose to Recover text from any file ( .), which will open any document and try to recover the text inside it. Once again, the result will be plain text without formatting.

Sometimes there is no solution

Unfortunately, DOCX documents are compressed files that, when a piece of the file is missing. Or if a significant part of the content has been overwritten. There is no way to bring them back to life.

If this is your case, try to get a new copy of the file or use a file recovery program like Recuva to try to recover a previous version that is not corrupted. Good luck!

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