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4 Do’s and 4 Don’ts of Using Step and Repeat Banners at Marketing Events

Step and repeat banners are multifunctional marketing tools. They have highly distinctive designs. These banners have brand names repeated on them multiple times. Instead of the brand name, it could also be the logo of the business. Some marketers even print repeated columns of names, dates, and marketing messages on these banners.

The name “step and repeat” banner comes from the fact that the design elements on these banners are constantly repeated. The repetitive design elements impact every viewer’s eyes, creating brand engagement. That’s why these banners are highly popular marketing items. They’re also made of durable vinyl, so they last for long periods.

If you’re planning on using step and repeat banners for your business, follow these basic guidelines –

4 Do’s of Using Repeat Banners

DO – Use the Banners at Major Company Events

Use these banners at “red carpet” events. Usually, top film companies use these banners and make celebrities walk in front of them to raise brand awareness. Your business events don’t need to be super-glamourous. But, these banners give small brands amazing exposure at small-scale trade shows, store openings, and other marketing events.

DO – Create “Brand Moments”

The term “brand moment” is used in the marketing world to describe specific strategies that companies take to create memorable moments. These “brand moments” end up defining the business in the long run. Use your step and repeat banners to engineer brand awareness.

DO – Personalize the Banners to the Maximum

The best sellers of step/repeat banners offer their products in many sizes and with many high-quality customization options. Spend time deciding the banner’s background design, font styles, border colors, etc. Smart marketers always custom-make specific banners for specific occasions.

DO – Use These Banners to Cultivate Brand Engagement

To ensure these banners generate healthy ROI (returns on investment), share them everywhere. Use the same logos, messages, or other design elements on the banners, on your social media platforms. Use these banners as backdrops for all marketing events. Make these banners indistinguishable from your brand.

Now, here are some common mistakes marketers or business owners make with step-n-repeat banners –

DON’T – Use Contrasting Color Combinations

Make sure to pick colors that make your core design elements (aka the brand logo) pop out. Avoid selecting white or black backgrounds – pick colors that make your business logo stand out.

DON’T – Ignore White Space

Inadequate amounts of white space can make your banners look unpleasant. Having the biggest logos on your banners doesn’t translate to higher engagement. People won’t take pictures of or with your banners if their design elements look cluttered and unclean.

DON’T- Use Too Many Design Elements

The point of using these banners is to get one marketing message or brand logo stuck in the minds of target audiences. Using multiple logos or lots of varying colors may make your banners look less classy.

DON’T – Place them in Low-Traffic Areas

Always place these banners in strategic locations in front of local audiences. Install them in high-traffic areas like storefronts, curbside windows, etc.

Follow these steps while using step/repeat banners. Before you know it, local audiences will start claiming they’ve seen your brand logo “somewhere.”

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