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The best games like the sims

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The Sims is a game of the best known for the PC platform, the game began many years ago. As a PC game where the goal was to build a home for a family. And do everything possible to make each member of the family happy, They had their needs complete and stayed healthy. However, there are many games like the sims that can be downloaded for Android.

games like the sims available in the Play Store

Avakin Lifegames like the sims

This is one of the games similar to The Sims with which you can more familiarize yourself. In this game you can relate to others, compete and explore the real world. In addition, this game can be visualized in three dimensions. And you can also decorate and customize your home in the way you like most.

Secondary lifegames like the sims

In this fun, you will have the opportunity to make a new life, full of dates and very entertaining moments where you can get a couple. In this game, you can become a very popular person, make purchases, meet new friends and even be able to chat with people who play Secondary Life.

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Virtual Families 2games like the sims

If you want to have a home of your own, with this game you can fulfill that dream as it allows you to adopt people you want to be part of your family. In this game you can earn money, work, meet all the needs that your family has. And appear on the road, filling your life with all the luxuries you want to entertain you in this fun game.

City Island 4games like the sims

In this game you must build a city, in addition, you can be the most popular in the game. Here you must focus on building and thus be able to enjoy the great atmosphere generated by the city. You can have many builders in the city and so you can have as a result a paradise island with lots of gold and money.

These are some of the games similar to The Sims that you can find for Android in the Google Play Store. As you will see there are several to choose from, surely one will like you. And you will be able to entertain yourself for hours taking care of the members of your new virtual family.

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