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When do you need a drainage survey?

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Many people overlook having a drainage survey when buying a property, yet there are many reasons to consider having one. The small cost of having the survey could save you thousands of pounds and will ensure you avoid buying a money pit.

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What is a Drainage Survey?

A standard building survey doesn’t include a drainage survey and this is something you will need to arrange as an extra process. It will involve a surveyor using a CCTV camera to investigate the drainage pipes and identify any concerns. These could include blockages, root intrusion or structural issues. Once the surveyor has identified issues that need attention, they will offer solutions such as unclogging and cleaning, relining the pipes or even replacement.

What symptoms require a drainage survey?

There are many signs that indicate you should have a drainage survey, such as blocked drains, toilets not flushing properly, corrosion or animal infestation. If you have noticed any of these symptoms in your home and require CCTV drainage surveys Alcester or elsewhere, you can find more information at specialists such as: If you’re buying a property to renovate, it is a good idea to include a drainage survey to give you peace of mind.

If you intend to extend a property, a draining survey is essential to locate the drains as this could have a significant impact on where you can build. If there is a drain in the area you would like to extend onto, there are two options to choose from. You could try to obtain a build-over agreement or change where you build the extension to avoid covering drains. This means you grant access to the local water authority to access any pipes that you build over. You will need to bear this in mind when you design your extension. You can read about build-over agreements in more detail here:

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If you have plans to remodel a property, you will need to find out where the drains are located to get a good idea as to how disruptive and costly the renovations are likely to be. Locating the drain will be particularly important for remodelling the property where you are considering adding extra bathrooms or relocating the kitchen. Identifying the location of the drainage runs will help you to understand, logistically, how disruptive and, thus, ultimately, how costly these changes will be to make.

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