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How to get paid on Airbnb

Offering our address on Airbnb can be a very profitable way to take advantage of unused space to obtain an extra profit that never hurts. However, many people do not understand how the payment process between the tenant and the tenant works, since this website offers to take care of all the services and be a super digital intermediary. The truth is that the process is very simple and reliable. If you are thinking of renting a room or flat through Airbnb, here we explain how to get paid on Airbnb.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

The first thing you should know about how to get paid on Airbnb is that the world is full of scammers and it is safest to play it safe. Make clear in your ad the method of payment you prefer, which expenses are included and which are not, and establish the conditions that can help you avoid cheating or extra expenses, for example, a month’s deposit.

Step: 2

To understand how Airbnb works, you must know that the payment is not made directly between the tenant and the tenant, but that the website is an intermediary between both parties and will be responsible for sending you your money. As? The first month will be deposited to you in advance, but it will be blocked until the guests arrive.

Step : 3

After the first month, it is even easier to charge on Airbnb, since the website will take care of making a monthly charge to the guest. The time it takes between the guest paying and you receiving your money depends on the payment method :

Three business days for direct deposits.

  • From three to seven business days for the bank or international transfers.
  • A few hours if the guest pays through PayPal.
  • Between a day and a few hours if you pay by credit card.
  • Up to 15 business days if canceled with a money order.

The time period may vary depending on the day of payment, as many banks do not process transactions on weekends or holidays, so take this into account when charging on Airbnb.

Step: 4

To find out what you have received from Airbnb, all you have to do is go to the Transaction History section in your user, where a box will open that will detail all the payments or transfers you have been receiving throughout the rental period. Here you can check and know instantly if you have been deposited and how much money was transferred in your favor.

Step: 5

Also, in Airbnb you have another section called Future Transactions where you can see and obtain information about the future payments that you will receive. In this scenario, you can also have access to the name of the guest or depositor and the number of their reservation.

Step: 6

Every time you successfully manage a reservation on Airbnb, the web will charge you the Host Service Fee: 3% of the subtotal of the reservation, so a useful tip is to increase this percentage to the total rental amount to receive the amount of money you you need and avoid charging less than expected.

In addition, the website charges another commission called the Guest Services Fee, which is also calculated as the previous one (based on the subtotal of the reservation) and its percentage can vary between 6 and 18 percent. In this case, the higher the amount of the subtotal, the lower the percentage of charge of the guest rate will be.

Step: 7

Likewise, when charging on Airbnb you should be aware that VAT is also charged. The amount corresponding to the payment of this position will depend on the legislation applied to the jurisdiction corresponding to the accommodation. However, it is normally calculated that the rate is 3%. In the same way, and as with the Service Fee for Hosts and the Service Fee for guests, you can find this detailed billing information in the Transaction History section.


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