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Data Analysts and Tech Pros Unite in the Wardrobe Department

Fashion trends change every few years, if not sooner. Styles that were in vogue five or six years ago are almost certainly not in style now. These days, clothing companies and CEOs are becoming more and more aware of the need for more comfort within their professional clothing; in particular for the techies out there. Leaving aside other big trends in fashion like bright socks, or the head-turning harem pant, comfort is something that is coming in strong. It has typically been left out of the equation, so computer geeks rejoice—comfy work clothes are out there now.

In particular, the latest techie fashion wear includes a little number known as the “Work It Blazer”—this design was inspired by the super popular dressy yoga pants trend. Since the work yoga fad has been such a hit among those in need of comfortable office wear, the “Work It Blazer” was born. A blend of dressy and loungey, this cute hooded jacket is professional enough for your office or tech job. This blazer offers a über-stretchy, moisture-wicking rayon material and offers detachable hood for your preference.

For the guys especially, making office wear more comfortable has been a goal for some time now. These days, there is an amazing new choice on the market: the “READY Button-Down Shirt.” This men’s shirt is designed especially for those guys who are seeking a mixture of reposed, relaxed, and polished looks. The material this button-down is made of is also a blend that shows moisture away from your skin, while at the same time being disguised as an everyday, office-appropriate option.

The great thing about this rise in comfortable work clothing trend is that it shows people are seeking more and more to be physically fit. Being in shape and living a healthy lifestyle is vital; especially when you’re working a job that requires you to sit or be hunched over for hours at a time. Hopefully, this type of clothing encourages people to want to be more active—it’s a fun new kind of style everyone can enjoy and even allows for some quality stretching during lunch or other work breaks.

Another style specially made for active men on the go is the “Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants.” The name speaks for the pants themselves, and you’ll know why the moment you put them on. Engineered to look 100 percent professional, they are secretly the perfect pants for the outdoorsman. For anyone who enjoys a little rock climbing session or a hike after work, these pants are an absolute must-have game changer for your work wardrobe. With extra deep pockets for additional space and a loop made especially for rock climbing chalk, the health-minded techie will love rocking these “dress and play” pants.

If you find yourself hesitating to try some of these cozier new work clothes, keep in mind the benefits of having comfy work clothes. Why be bound up in tight, ill-fitting pants and shirts if you don’t have to be? Working hard requires comfort, and you’ll probably find you are more productive when you’re not constantly readjusting pants and shirts while sitting in your techie cubbyhole.

For example, there will be needs for skilled professionals like data analysts to command or guide or coordinate the training of complex AI and automated systems; to ensure their security, integrity and proper use.

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