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Caught up in an important project? Here’s what to do!

We all love to do photography as a hobby, but what if we got an interesting photography project?  As a photophile, I always want to capture the best shot possible. And edit it with the finest tools available. If you own a Mac, your images become more magnificent with the wonderful applications built in it.

Are we all set to know the tools available in it? If yes, then keep reading ahead!

How can you edit images with a mac?

“Let me buy this Adobe subscription for this project”. Are you going to do that? Hang on! Just read to know the other way.

Mac has an inbuilt “Photos” app. With this, you can adjust the brightness, sharpness, and other qualities of the pictures. It works like a mac photo editor for the people who think that it does not come with the photo editor. Do you edit the pictures before posting them online just to make sure that they look good? If yes, then you can use this tool to edit the images in whichever way you want, and that too free of cost. Just follow the given steps:-

  1. Launch the app called “Photos” on Mac.
  1. Want to edit your favorite image? Select it from the library.
  1. Double click on that picture.
  1. Press the “edit” button. You will witness 3 tabs above the picture – “Adjust, Filters and Crop”. Open them and you will come to many more options of the editing world.

If you still think that your original shot was better, then just tap the “Revert to Original” button on the top left-hand corner of the editing window.

Let us dive into a bit more information about how to create worthy images that are a right fit for your assignment.

  • Lighting – You viewed a perfect destination for your assignment. You go there and click it. But you were rejected due to its poor lighting. You become angry and curse your “shot”. Now let me tell you a great tip – Before you actually click the picture, just take a deep breath and think from where is the light coming? Do you need a dampener or a flashlight for your image? Should you augment your image with any tool or not? The answers to all these questions will help you in making your clicks worthy.
  • Composition – Do not rush to click the picture just to share it with the digital world. In the hassle of sharing it, we often forget the rules of composition. Examine your picture before uploading and see whether it needs to get clicked again. Acquaint yourself with the rules of composition.
  • Subject – Decide the main subject of your photo. Not only the way you capture it is important, but the subject of your image is equally important.

Wrapping up

Having a good set of photography and editing skills attracts everyone. You can make it better with a device like Mac. Just click the picture and make it worthwhile. Can you give it a “shot?

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