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Five different ways to smoke and consume cannabis

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When it comes to cannabis use, the second most important consideration, after the product itself, is the method of intake. This point, as evidenced by the prevalence of consumers who have limited their experimentation to only one or two methods, is often overlooked. If you belong to this category, but aspire to become an expert cannabis consumer, let us guide you. The mental and physical benefits of cannabis depend largely on how it is assumed, each method provides a unique experience and a myriad of effects and who knows, and you may find a new way to consume it.

There are three basic consumption methods: inhalation, oral intake and topical application. For each method there are various techniques that serve different purposes, each appropriate for each occasion.

The Pipe

Pipes are probably the most popular and generally preferred for their convenience: they are small, portable and easy to use. They simply trap the smoke produced by the combustion of cannabis, which is then inhaled. They have become forms of artistic expression and it is possible to find them in countless forms and creative styles, both for decoration and functionality.

The Bong

Bongs are available in various shapes and sizes. Like pipes, they are usable in a variety of styles and designs, but are more complicated to use because they require water in it. The health benefits associated with adding water are in question, because even if it helps cool the smoke, it is not sure that it actually acts as a filter for harmful constituents.

The Spinel

Spinels are chopped and rolled cannabis on a map, whose composition varies through an assortment of plants such as: hemp, bamboo and rice. When cannabis is rolled with cigar paper, extracted from the tobacco plant, spinel is much larger and contains nicotine. Consumers often prefer the combined flavor and effects of cannabis from nicotine, however, the risks associated with its use discourage their use.

The Hookah

This is one of the less common methods of smoking cannabis and is generally associated with the consumption of “Shisha”, an American term for wet tobacco. Cannabis is always accompanied by something when consumed in a hookah, because its low water content makes it burn before it is inhaled, producing an acrid taste and above all wasting it. Smokers who are wary of waste are likely not to like this method, as large quantities of cannabis are needed to achieve satisfactory results.

The Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is the best choice for all cannabis users, from moderates to experts and / or health conscious. A vaporizer constantly heats the herbs to a temperature high enough to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids, but at the same time low to prevent potentially harmful toxins from being released during combustion. Essentially, vaporization minimizes the health risks associated with smoking. This improvement is also accompanied by a significant reduction in odor. There is a wide choice of electronic cigarette models and the market is expanding more and more.

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