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Fix: PS4 Black Screen (4 Tips To Fix This Problem)

Try not to Worry When You Don’t See Anything On Your PS4 Game Console Screen. Here Are Four Tried And True Methods That Can Help You Fix This Black Screen Problem.

There is an issue that has been stressing numerous PlayStation 4 clients: your PS4 console can’t show anything on your TV or screen. Generally this black screen issue appears suddenly and the side effects fluctuate. Some get it when they attempt to turn on their PS4 console. They can’t see anything on the screen, however, the control center turns out great. Some see the black screen on their screen, however, with the TV the control center turns out great. In different cases, clients see the screens regularly on the framework, however, they get the black screen in the wake of opening explicit applications.

In case you are dealing with a similar issue, don’t freeze! There are still ways (recorded beneath) to betray. Furthermore, they don’t need any specialized abilities. You don’t need to attempt them all; simply look through the rundown until you track down the one that best suits your necessities.

Here is a rundown of things you can attempt to fix your PS4 black screen issue:

  • Restart your PS4 totally
  • Attempt an alternate HDMI port or link
  • Handicap HDCP
  • Get your PS4 fixed

Strategy 1: restart your PS4 totally

Restarting your PS4 totally can fix numerous issues that can cause your black screen issue. That is the principal thing to attempt on the off chance that you can’t see anything on your PS4. To do it:

1) Press and hold the force button on your PS4 for roughly 7 seconds (until you hear the second signal from the control center). This will wind down your control center totally.

2) Unplug the force line from the control center.

3) Wait something like 30 seconds.

4) Reconnect the force line to the control center.

5) Turn on your PS4 and check whether the issue is fixed.

Strategy 2: attempt an alternate HDMI port or link

In case you are utilizing HDMI for video yield and you have the black screen issue, the HDMI link or port being utilized might be causing the issue.

In the first place, you can explore different avenues regarding another link and check whether this can fix the issue. Assuming another link can’t help you, the HDMI port you’re utilizing might be down, and you can attempt another and check whether it works.

Strategy 3: impair HDCP

HDCP (High-data transfer capacity Digital Content Protection) is an insurance innovation intended to forestall computerized content (for instance, HD motion pictures) from being pilfered. It is utilized with advanced video principles like HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and so forth

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Be that as it may, now and then HDCP can be exceptionally irritating. In the event that your TV or screen isn’t viable with it, your PS4 won’t yield any video or sound. Also, that is likely the reason for your black screen issue (in the event that you get it when opening explicit applications). You can have a go at impairing it and check whether that can help you fix the issue.

Note that you should introduce the 1.70 or later form of the framework firmware update before you can close down HDCP.

To do it:

1) On your PS4, open Settings.

2) Select System.

3) Disable HDCP ( Uncheck ‘Empower HDCP’)

You have now a handicapped HDCP on your PS4. Have a go at opening the application or game that has the black screen and check whether it works fine at this point.

Technique 4: fix your PS4

By and large, the PS4 black screen issue is an equipment issue. The HDMI port on your PS4 might be harmed. Yet, the guilty party may likewise be different segments of your control center. You might have to ask an expert for help. On the off chance that your PS4 is as yet under guarantee, contact your gadget merchant or Sony client support for maintenance or substitution of your control center. Or then again you can pay the expert organization to fix the issue for you.

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