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10 tips to find the perfect Acer monitor for you

Whether you work, study, stream, watch a lot of videos, surf the Internet or just play games: you spend too many hours looking at your monitor. That is why it is so important to choose the right screen for your needs.

Your monitor is the gateway to an entirely digital experience, where everything comes to life. So here we bring you 10 tips to help you choose the best monitor for you.

1. More is simply more

When it comes to pixels, simply more is better. Full HD is already the standard of the past, so don’t settle for less than 4K.

With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the Acer H7 series quadruples the resolution. This gives you incredible picture quality, quadruple the detail of outdated Full HD, no matter what you’re watching.

2. Everything is in the details

Today’s monitors are optimized for high-quality content at high resolutions. But we already know that not all photos or videos are perfect.

To get the best viewing experience even with older content not up to today’s standards, monitors like the Acer ED6 series come with Super Sharpness technology. This enhances outlines in low-resolution content to fix details and optimize image quality so everything looks sharp.

3. Brilliant from all sides

Today all new monitors have the same display technology inside them: LCD. But not all LCDs are created equal. Good monitors are equipped with IPS panels and a clear advantage: unrivaled viewing angles.

This technology ensures that you can see all the details and colors through its 178º. So even if you are several people looking from multiple angles, everything looks just as sharp and crystal clear.

4. Seeing is believing

To have a great viewing experience, contrast (the difference between the darkest part of the screen and the brightest part) is one of the most important aspects. To see colors as they really are, look at VESA HDR 600 certified displays like the Acer H7 series.

These monitors automatically adjust brighter scenes so that highlights shine with rich detail, while in darker scenes vivid blacks are preserved and details that are usually hidden are optimized for better lighting.

5. Consistency is the key

When you share your best stories on social media, make sure you bring out the best in your photos and videos. A monitor like the Acer ET2 series covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut, the world’s default color space.

Only 100% coverage ensures great consistency across all devices and apps, so you get vivid colors from your camera or smartphone straight to your monitor and out to the world. Just the way you want.

6. More than really matters

When you look at your monitor, you don’t want to see a monitor, but you want to watch a movie, experience great content. A monitor like the Acer ED 6 series gives you what’s really important to you: fewer ties and more screen size.

ZeroFrame design virtually eliminates the screen frame for seamless fun, especially when using multi-screen setups.

7. Life is a curve

If you want to live your life in full 360º, make sure you surround yourself with the best tools. Like the ET2 series of monitors with a curved screen.

These models place each corner of the screen at the same distance from your eyes, offering you a unique viewing experience. Immerse yourself in the action or your favorite scene and experience the digital world like never before.

8. Be good to your eyes

In the digital world, there is a lot to watch: a YouTube channel, your favorite Story, great TV series as well as immersive games. That’s why the Acer ET2 series is equipped with Acer VisionCare technology to protect your eyes.

Eliminate flickering, minimize blue light ratio and limit flare. This helps reduce eye strain on your eyes and allows for more pleasurable viewing experiences.

9. Hey what you see

A movie without dialogue? Games without sound? A life without music? Treat yourself to the Acer TrueHarmony and DTS Sound sound system equipped on the Acer H7 monitor series.

With enhanced bass, less distortion, and truly dimensional sound from premium speakers it meets all your entertainment needs. Turn up the volume to the maximum and enjoy.

10. One port to rule them all

Life is already complicated enough, so a good monitor should have everything you need to make your life easier by simplifying things like messy cables.

With the Acer H7 monitor series, all you need is a USB Type-C cable to connect a multitude of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more to easily increase your productivity. Charge, share, and enjoy content with just one port.

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