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The Italian football season is coming once again. As almost all top clubs are changing their coaches, for sure, there will be changes in live football scores.

The Italian football season is coming once again. As almost all top clubs are changing their coaches, for sure, there will be changes in live football scores. Let’s see how important all of this will be in the long term and especially concerning the gold medals.

Once again, Juventus from Turin is the favourite team. It already had a classier composition, but this summer it also managed to strengthen some positions even more. So, they managed to sign up the legendary Buffon as a free agent, and this season very probably will be the last one for him at a professional level, because he is already 41 years old.

New transfers and tactical schemes make watching live football scores even more interesting. Juventus, of course, can fail too, but this is unlikely to happen in the long run. That is why the team from Turin is considered the main favourite of the championship once again.

Despite the strengthening of Napoli, Inter and others, they clearly do not reach the “old signora” in terms of the make-up of the team.

All Serie A results on a progressive platform

As you may remember, last season’s Serie A results were quite predictable. But in the next one, everything promises to be much more entertaining. It will be very interesting to observe the race for the best shooter too. Ronaldo failed to become the best shooter in Serie A right away, but most probably, he will only increase his focus on this goal. Of course, Cristiano will be the main contender for this prestigious individual award, but he also has many competitors, such as:

  • Zapata;
  • Piątek;
  • Milik.

However, Quagliarella can shoot especially good as well. It is well known that in Italy, older football players often continue to demonstrate classiness, and Fabio perfectly confirms this rule.

Now all the results of Serie A will be in front of you at once, because everything you need is to open the site of sports statistics to see the results of the latest standoffs, including those that take place in real-time.

Of course, Juventus will be the undisputed favourite of this season, and the only chance of its competitors is the fact that Bianconeri has consistently been in first place in the standings for several years in a row, and many football players may have problems with motivation. However, with Ronaldo as a player, it’s hard to believe it.

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