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5 easy steps to your business digital signage strategy

Digital screens are a great marketing tool, but many businesses don’t use them to their full capacity. That’s why it is of paramount importance to employ a strategy. Research has indicated that 8 out of 10 customers enter a shop because a digital sign has caught their attention and it is also well-documented that this kind of digital media in public places like offices, bars, gyms and libraries reach more customers than Internet-based videos or social media platforms such as Facebook.

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In this article, we take a look at top five tips to market your business through digital signage.

Align your goals with your digital strategy

Do you want more followers on social media? Is corporate social responsibility an overarching aim? Decide on your goals and a deadline by when you want to achieve them and add in how you are going to measure them. These could include, for example, an increase in sales.


Making sure your monitor is in an area where your target market may gather is not the only consideration you should factor in. Think about the length of time they will be in its vicinity. Screens in a restaurant queue compared to screens in a restaurant window will have vastly different outcomes for those engaging with them. Adding value to their experience can help to drive sales – take a look at for more tips.

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Research the content

There is no point reinventing the wheel, so utilise what you already have such as corporate videos, existing adverts and content already created for your social media platforms.

Keep it fresh

Creating new content can help engage with your viewers, so remember to keep it fresh and add different displays and dashboards where appropriate.

The what and the when

So you’ve done your research. Now is the time to decide what to show and when to show it. Think about using a playlist which, in essence, allows potential customers to engage on a number of channels and ultimately buy more of your products. Playing your message at key times to reach key audiences is an excellent strategy and one that can reap rewards for your company. Changing your content to fit in with real-time events such as late night shopping can also be beneficial.

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