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How automation is helping conveyancers

When the property market was booming, the conveyancing sector was forced to implement new ways to meet the increasing customer need for more efficient services and more in-depth communications.

Conveyancers have been busier than ever before, with a range of economic factors seeing property sales hit unexpected highs over the last couple of years. To their credit, many conveyancing firms and legal teams have successfully managed to keep up with this increased demand by leveraging digital technologies and systems to automate key aspects of the property purchasing process.

What is automation?

Numerous sectors are incorporating automation into their workflow on a global scale, especially the property and conveyancing sector.

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Automation removes the need for people to complete repetitive and time-intensive processes, instead allowing technology to take over. This means that professionals have more time to dedicate to the more intricate elements of their role, which typically means that clients experience enhanced communications and the conveyancing process can move along at a much faster pace.

What are the advantages of automation in the property sector?

There are an array of benefits that come with leveraging automation, including:

– Accuracy

It can be easy for mistakes to creep in when performing repetitive tasks that don’t challenge our minds, however, digital technologies can be programmed to minimise mistakes in ways that humans can’t.

One of the areas in which this type of technology can create the greatest impact is when a range of different data sources are pooled together, which can easily cause confusion for human eyes. However, technology can maintain a laser focus, ensuring that errors are spotted and addressed before they have the opportunity to cause delays to the conveyancing process.

– Communication

As we are now more connected than ever before in a digital sense, clients and customers have come to expect frequent updates from the services they are choosing to engage with. As the conveyancing process has countless moving parts, conveyancers can find it difficult to keep clients up to date with every small task that has been completed.

However, by switching to a digital system and providing access to a digital portal, clients are free to log in whenever they want and be presented with a clear update as to exactly where they stand in the property purchasing process.

From the moment you start to obtain conveyancing solicitors quotes, the most experienced and effective teams such as Sam Conveyancing, will take control of the process and ensure that your conveyancing journey is as smooth as possible. You should always have the utmost confidence in your team, which is why it is imperative to choose conveyancers who are committed to maintaining open channels of communication throughout the process.

– Efficiency

The conveyancing process requires an array of documentation to be signed and identity verification processes to be completed, which can be extremely time consuming and cause unnecessary delays in completion.

In 2021, the Land Registry introduced its digital identity standard which allows identity checks to be completed digitally. This is one of the advancements that has emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, during which time face-to-face meetings simply weren’t possible.

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The good news for conveyancers is that there are an array of digital solutions already in existence that can be easily incorporated into workflows to streamline services.

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